21 May 2009

Miscellaneous - good for a laugh!

Found in the 1851 Census of Stanton-in-Peak Derbyshire


John Hunter, head, mar, 59, bailiff on the estate & farmer & barmaster & for the time being a surveyor for Highways in the township of Stanton, born Parish of Cranston, County of Midlothian, Scotland or North Briton.

Sarah Hunter, wife, mar, 56, mother & mistress, born Village & Parish of Sumton, County of Berwickshire, Scotland or North Briton.

George Rutherford Hunter, son, unm, 16, labouring to his father, born Farm of Red Cloakland of Ury, Parish of Fetteresso, County of Kincardineshire, Scotland or North Briton.

William Hunter, son, unm, 14, going errands & works occasionally to his father & at school, born ditto previous

Isabell Hunter, dau, unm, 9, at school Alport, born ditto previous

George Boxall, lodger, unm, 18, huntsman to William Poole Thornhill Esquire ... pack of Harriers, born Parish of Butlers Marston, County of Warwickshire.

I bet the enumerator was glad he didn't have to write that for everyone! Don't we all wish our ancestors were so verbose.

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