23 May 2009

Parish Magazines #2

Marriages listed in the Winster Parish Magazines
Held by Winster Local History Group
Compiled by Michael Greatorex
All Marriages are at Winster unless otherwise indicated
All Marriages entered under both Grooms & Brides Names
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Surname-Given Name(s)-Marriage Date-Spouse-Magazine Issue

Adams, Mary Elizabeth, 8 Nov to William Gregory Greatorex, Dec 1909
Adams, Sarah Selina, 17 Oct to George Wild, Nov 1904
Allen, Florence May, 1 Aug to William Vincent, Sep 1910
Allen, Hannah, 30 Apr to James Bateman June 1891
Bark, Annie, 23 May to Mr M. Haynes of South Darley, Jun 1904
Bark, Mary E, at Matlock on 26 Dec to Samuel Heathcote, Jan 1901
Barker, James Arthur, 4 Feb to Edith Elizabeth Bateman, 1930
Barnsley, Emma, 21 Aug to Albert Brassington of Youlgrave, Sep 1902
Barnsley, George, 16 Aug to Mary Bateman Sept 1892, Dec 1892
Bateman, Agnes, 8 Mar to Edgar White Pickles, Apr 1930
Bateman, Ann Elizabeth, 3 Jun to William Hardy of Wensley, Jul 1915
Bateman, Edith Elizabeth, 4 Feb to James Arthur Barker, 1930
Bateman, Eliza, 29 Oct to George Stone of Stanton Lees, Nov 1902
Bateman, Henry, 24 Jun to Ellen Stone, Jul 1915
Bateman, James, 30 Apr to Hannah Allen,Jun 1891
Bateman, Lizzie, 10 Feb at Matlock to George W Fearn, 1897
Bateman, Lydia, 10 Feb to John Marsden Potter of Wensley, 1902
Bateman, Mary Ellen, 18 Mar to John Thos Broomhead of Grange, Apr 1903
Bateman, Mary, 16 Aug to George Barnsley, Sept 1892
Bateman, Samuel, 31 Mar to Edith Bateman Foxlow, Apr 1903
Bateman, Thos, 17 Sep at Prim. Meth. Chapel to Ellen Winfield, Oct 1904
Bateman, Winifred Eveline, 4 Feb to James Thomas, 1930
Biggin, Alfred of Elton, 27 Dec to Florence Smith at Elton, Feb 1899
Boam, Alfred Albert, 24 Dec to Sarah Elizabeth Wardman, Jan 1908
Boam, Bertha, 21 Nov to William Stone, Dec 1907
Boam, Clifford, 23 Dec 1911 to Ann Elizabeth Greatorex, Jan 1912
Boam, Elsie, 30 Sep to John Marsden of Birchover, Oct 1911
Boam, Ernest, 11 Jun to Frances Annie Holmes of South Darley, Jul 1904
Boam, George, 13 Feb at Matlock to Hannah Dakin of Matlock, 1897
Boam, Mary Ellen, 10 Aug to John William Boam, Sep 1910
Bower, Elizabeth, to Thomas Raworth saddler, Feb 1889
Boyars, Ralph, in 1664 to Rosemary Dale, Feb 1889
Brassington, Arthur of Youlgrave, 21 Aug to Emma Barnsley, Sep 1902
Brassington, Benjamin, 17 Aug to Doris Mary Newton, Sep 1929
Bright, Joseph, (16 Dec 1711) to Ann Moore, sister of Ant. Moore the Younger, Sept 1892
Bunting, Reuben, 25 Apr to Georgina Elizabeth Knowles, May 1906
Burton, Helen, 25 Oct at Bakewell to Charles Dowling, Nov 1902
Burton, Sarah Ann, 14 Aug to Joseph Gore of Huyton in L'pool, Sep 1899
Buswell, John, 17 Nov at Elton to Ivy Glossop, Dec 1962
Chackrelt, Edwd. (Ports'th), 19 Apr to Hannah Heathcote (Elton) Jun 1899
Clay, Annie Elizabeth of Wensley, 14 Dec to Malach Concannon, Jan 1913
Coates, Agnes Mary, 5 Sep to John Fletcher, Manchester, Oct 1900
Collins, Eliza, 29 Apr to Frank Whitehead of Dukinfield, May 1899
Commins, Thomas, 31 Aug to Maria Gratton Oct 1891
Concannon, Malach, 14 Dec to Annie Elizabeth Clay of Wensley, Jan 1913
Cooke, James, 11 Nov to Gertrude Ellen Heathcote, Nov 1918
Crowder, Hannah, 4 Sep to William Hartle of Dove Holes, Oct 1912
Cutting, Mary, 5 Apr to James Law Nichols, Apr 1901
Dakin, Hannah of Matlock, 13 Feb at Matlock to George Boam, 1897
Dale, Catherine, 21 Oct to Albert James Horrod, Nov 1896
Dale, Elizabeth, in 1664 to Ralph Boyars, Feb 1889
Dale, Harriett, (at her home) 16 May to William Newton of Manchester, Jun 1900*
Dowling, Charles, 25 Oct at Bakewell to Helen Burton, Nov 1902
Durden, Mary,  26 Dec 1890 to John Thomas, Feb 1891
Fearn, Frederic, 1 Jul at Matlock to Ada C.S. Howe of Somerset, Aug 1897
Fearn, George W, 10 Feb at Matlock to Lizzie Bateman, 1897
Fletcher, James Lyon, 20 Sep to Emma Greatorex, dau of Joseph, Oct 1898
Fletcher, John of Manchester, 5 Sep to Agnes Mary Coates, Oct 1900
Foxlow, Edith Bateman, 13 Mar to Samuel Bateman, Apr 1903
Foxlow, Grace Annie, 28 Sep to Albert Massey, Nov 1929
Foy, Helena of Knutsford, 31 Dec to Jos. Hadfield Greatorex, Jan 1899 (this marriage wasn't at Winster - perhaps at Knutsford?).
Frost, Walter, 7 Dec to Lydia Hardy Jan 1892
Gallimore, John, (14 Mar 1712) to Elizabeth Moore, sis of Ant Moore the Yngr, Sep 1892
Gilding, John, 2 Dec to Alice Emmeline Smith, Jun 1919
Glossop, Ivy, 17 Nov at Elton to John Buwell, Dec 1962
Goodwin, Clara, 27 Apr to James Robinson of Manchester, May 1899
Goodwin, George William, 7 Sep to Ellen Hardy, Nov 1929
Gore, Joseph of Huyton in L'pool, 14 Aug to Sarah Ann Burton, Sep 1899
Gratton, Maria, 31 Aug to Thomas Commins Oct 1891
Greatorex, Ann Elizabeth, 23 Dec 1911 to Clifford Boam, Jan 1912
Greatorex, Cicely Ellen, 5 Jul to James Wood of South Darley, Sep 1907
Greatorex, Ellen, 24 Sep to Thomas Henry Rains, Oct 1913
Greatorex, Emma dau of Joseph, 20 Sep to James Lyon Fletcher, Oct 1898
Greatorex, Joseph Hadfield, 31 Dec at Knutsford to Helena Foy, Jan 1899
Greatorex, Sarah Hadfield, 11 Sep to Henry Rodman, Oct 1911
Greatorex, William Gregory, 8 Nov to Mary Elizabeth Adams, Dec 1909
Greensmith, George, to Bertha Sophia Walker on 2 Apr, May 1888, Oct 1890
Gregory, George, at Matlock, 21 Oct to Sarah Ann Winfield, Nov 1898
Gregory, George, 2 Apr to Gertrude Hardy, May 1889
Gregory, Mary Alice, 14 Apr to Charles Henry Webster of Ible, Jun 1909
Hallam, Ann, 1 Aug to John Millward, Sep 1910
Hallam, George of South Darley, 28 Dec to Mary Ethel Wilson, Jan 1905
Handley, Edward Laurence, 18 Jun to Mary Elizabeth Wint, Aug 1960
Hardy, Bertha Mgt, 1 Nov Mat'ck to Daniel A. Downs of Birchover, Nov 1900
Hardy, Edith, 12 Oct to Joseph Taylor of South Darley, Nov 1904
Hardy, Ellen, 7 Sep to George William Goodwin, Nov 1929
Hardy, Ernest Ant, 19 Apr of Mat'k to Elizabeth Rolley of Bonsall, Jun 1900
Hardy, Gertrude, 2 Apr to George Gregory, May 1889
Hardy, Robert, 12 Mar by licence to Eleanor Louisa Wardman, May 1888
Hardy, Sarah Ann, 16 Oct to Frederick George Wilson, Nov 1902
Hardy, William of Wensley, 3 Jun to Ann Elizabeth Bateman, Jul 1915
Harle, William of Dove Holes, 4 Sep to Hannah Crowder, Oct 1912
Hawksworth, Esther, 11 Apr to Adam Noton of Bakewell, May 1901
Hawksworth, Henry, 2 Jun at Matlock to Elizabeth Prime, Jun 1902
Hawksworth, Susannah Robinson, 3 Aug to William Shawcross, Sep 1912
Haynes, Mr. M. of South Darley, 23 May to Annie Bark, Jun 1904
Heathcote, Gertrude Ellen, 11 Nov to James Cooke, Nov 1918
Heathcote, Hannah of Elton, 19 Apr to Edwd Chackrelt (Pors'th), Jun 1899
Heathcote, Issac, 7 Jan to Lois Elizabeth Smith, Feb 1903
Heathcote, Maria, 6 Jun to Art. Geo. Robt. New of Clay Cross, Aug 1908
Heathcote, Samuel, at Matlock, 26 Dec to Mary E. Bark, Jan 1902
Hill, Maud Mary, 4 Jul to Archibald Arthur Low Skinner of Mic'er, Aug 1906
Hodgkinson, Frederick, 25 Mar of Youlgrave to Tamar Holland, Apr 1903
Hodgkinson, Samuel, marr Matlock 21 Jul to Nancy Marian Nunn, Aug 1898
Hodgson, Herbert of Matlock, 13 Feb to Sarah Ann Mellor of Elton, 1897
Hodgson, Robert of Manchester, 16 Feb to Emily Newton, 1911
Holland, Tamar of Youl've, 25 Mar at Youl've to Fred. Hodgkinson, Apr 1903
Holmes, Ada Mary, 17 Jul to Isaiah Pearson, North Darley, Sep 1907
Holmes, Frances Annie of South Darley, 11 Jun to Ernest Boam, Jul 1904
Holmes, Richard of Stanton, 3 Apr at Elton, Ethel Stone of Elton, May 1902
Horrod, Albert James of Stanmore in Mdsex married  21 Oct to Catherine Dale Nov 1896
Hunt, Amanda, 5 Nov to John Sibson, Dec 1911
Ingman, Daniel, 30 Aug to Sarah Ada Walker at Newark in Notts, Oct 1897
Jackson, Elizabeth Ann, 7 Nov to Sydney Naylor Thorpe, Nov 1917
Jackson, Geo. Robt. of Manch'ter, 6 Aug to Sarah Jane Greatorex, Sep 1907
Jepson, Matthew of Dove Holes, 3 Mar to Sarah Ellen Rains, Apr 1908
Johnson, Alice Kate, 25 Nov to Joseph Mosley, Dec 1905
Johnson, Margaret of Eagletor, 15 Nov to Albert Roberts, Nov 1899
Johnson, Rev. T. officiating at marriage of W. Hardy and A.E. Bateman, Jul 1915
Jones, Fanny Eliza of Elton, 8 Nov at Elton to Wm. S. Stark of Dolgelly, Jan 1903
Knowles, Georgina Elizabeth, 25 Apr to Reuben Bunting, May 1906
Lomas, John Thos of Bux'n at Elton, 12 May to Lily Stone of Elton, Apr 1901
Lovatt, Thomas, married Ann Bower, Feb 1889
Marriages, from 1633 to 1961, 1314 recorded in Parish Register, Dec 1962
Marriages, recorded in Parish Reg "decline after 1823 - 3 Chapels opened," Dec 1962
Marsden, George, 23 Dec to Mary Rains, Jan 1904
Marsden, Jacob H of Elton, 19 Dec at Elton to Margt Stone of Eagle Tor, Jan 1901
Marsden, John of Birchover, 30 Sep to Elsie Boam, Oct 1911
Marshall, Ethel, 1 Aug at M'tlck to Herbert Wagstaff of S. Darley, Sep 1904
Marshall, Sarah Alice, at M'lock to Henry Wragg of Matlock, Sep 1903
Massey, Albert, 28 Sep to Grace Annie Foxlow, Nov 1929
Mellor, Sarah Ann of Elton, 13 Feb to Herbert Hodgson of Matlock, 1897
Millward, John, 1 Aug to Ann Hallam, Sep 1910
Moore, Ann, sister of  Anthony Moore the Younger married Joseph Bright, Sept 1892
Moore, Elizabeth, sister of Anthony Moore the Younger married John Gallimore Sept 1892
Mosley, Ernest, 6 Jul to Grace Smith, Aug 1905
Mosley, Joseph, 25 Nov to Alice Kate Johnson, Dec 1905
Mosley, Samuel Henry, 3 Jul at Youlgreave to Eleanor Wilson, Jul 1901
Mozley, Frederick, 5 Jul to Edith Sheldon of Birchover, Aug 1906
Mozley, Joshua, 3 Oct to Anne Wagstaffe, Nov 1888
Nadin, Jane of Elton, 2 Apr at Rowsley to Fred Percival of Rowsley, May 1902
Needham, Adeline May Furniss, 4 Feb to John William Waterfall, 1913
Needham, Evelyn Furness, 20 Feb to William Allin Taylor, 1912
Needham, Joseph, 1 Aug to Kate Walker, Sep 1904
Newton, Doris Mary, 17 Aug to Benjamin Brassington, Sep 1929
Newton, Ellen, 3 Feb at Newark to Samuel Newton of Keighley, 1903
Newton, Emily, 16 Feb to Robert  Hodgson of Manchester, 1911
Newton, Letitia Blanche, in 1866 to Henry Ann Norman, Apr 1900
Newton, Sam. of Keighley, 3 Feb at Newark to Ellen Newton, 1903
Newton, Wm., Harpurhey in Manc'ter, 16 May to Harriett Dale, Jun 1900
Nichols, James Law, 5 Apr to Mary Cutting, Apr 1901
Norman, Henry Ann, in 1843 to Helen Carill Worsley, Apr 1900
Norman, Henry Ann, in 1866 to Letitia Blanche Newton, Derbys,  Apr 1900
Noton, Adam of Bakewell, 11 Apr to Esther Hawsksworth, May 1901
Nunn, Nancy Marian at Matlock, 21 Jul to Samuel Hodgkinson, Aug 1898
Oakley, Florence Nightingale of Matl'k, to William Wild at Matl'k, Nov 1899
Painter's Way, home of Harriett Dale 16 May, Jun 1900*
Pearson, Isaiah of North Darley, 17 Jul to Ada Mary Holmes, Sep 1907
Percival, Fred. of Rowsley, 2 Apr at Rowsley to Jane Nadin of Elton, May 1902
Potter, John Marsden of Wensley, 10 Feb to Lydia Bateman, 1902
Prime, Elizabeth, 2 Jun at Matlock to Henry Hswksworth, Jun 1902
Prince, Mary of Stanton, at Stanton to Joseph Taylor, Aug 1899
Rains, Mary, 23 Dec to George Marsden, Jan 1904
Rains, Sarah Ellen, 3 Mar to Matthew Jepson of Dove Holes, Apr 1908
Rains, Thomas Henry, 24 Sep to Ellen Greatorex, Oct 1913
Roberts, Albert, 15 Nov to Margaret Johnson of Eagletor, Nov 1899
Roberts, Flora, 6 Jun to George Edgar Whitcher, Jul 1931
Rodman, Henry of Berwick St., 11 Sep to Sarah Hadfield Greatorex, Oct 1911
Rolley, Elizabeth ofBonsall, 19 Apr at Mat'k to Ernest Ant. Hardy, Jun 1900
Roper, Beatrice Amelia, at Sheffied on 10 Apr to John Wild, May 1901
Ropplewell, Lily, 3 Sep to Ernest Naylor Thorpe, Oct 1906
Rutland, Rebecca (Matl'ck), 2 Apr to Jos. Spencer (Wirk'th), May 1899
Shawcross, William, 3 Aug to Susannah Robinson Hawksworth, Sep 1912
Sheldon, Edith, of Birchover, 5 Jul to Frederick Mozley, Aug 1906
Sibson, John, 5 Nov to Amanda Hunt, Dec 1911
Skidmore, Elizabeth of Elton, m 2 May at Bk'well to George Smith ofElton, Jun 1903
Skidmore, Hannah of Elton, 25 Dec at Elton to Geo. Henry Yeomans, Jan 1903
Skidmore, Mary Ann of Elton, 25 Dec at Elton to Jas. T. Trickett, Jan 1903
Skinner, Archibald Arthur Low of Mick'er, 4 Jul to Maud Mary Hill, Aug 1906
Slack, Thos. of Stanton, 5 May at Sheffield to Eliza Rains Boam, May 1900
Smith, Alice Emmeline, 2 Dec to John Gilding, Feb & Jun 1919
Smith, Florence of Elton, 27 Dec to Alfred Biggin at Elton, Feb 1899
Smith, George of Elton, 2 May at Bk'well to Elizabeth Skidmore of Elton, Jun 1903
Smith, Grace, 6 Jul to Ernest Mosley, Aug 1905
Smith, Lois Elizabeth, 7 Jan to Issac Heathcote, Feb 1903
Smith, Mary, 15 Feb to William Handley of Brassington, 1904
Spencer, Jos. (Wirk'th), 2 Apr ( Matl'ck) to Rebecca Rutland, May 1899
Stark, Wm. Smith of Dolgelly, 8 Nov at Elton to Fanny Eliza Jones of Elton Jan 1903
Stone, Ellen, 24 Jun to Henry Bateman, Jul 1915
Stone, Ethel of Elton, 3 Apr at Elton to Richard Holmes of Stanton, May 1902
Stone, George of Stanton Lees, 29 Oct to Eliza Bateman, Nov 1902
Stone, Lily of Elton at Elton, 12 May to John Thos Lomas of Bux'n, Apr 1901
Stone, Samuel, 7 Jun to Ellen Walker, Jul 1899
Stone, William of Stanton Lees, 21 Nov to Bertha Boam, Dec 1907
Taylor, Joseph, 26 Jul at Stanton to Mary Prince of Stanton, Aug 1899
Taylor, William Allin, 20 Feb to Evelyn Furness Needham, 1912
Thomas, Annie Jane, 13 Apr to Arthur Langfield of Sev. Stoke, May 1898
Thomas, James, 4 Feb to Winifred Eveline Bateman, 1930
Thornhill, Geo. of Nottm., 12 Jul at Nottm. to Ellen Eliza Carson, Sep 1897
Thorpe, Ernest Naylor, 3 Sep to Lily Ropplewell, Oct 1906
Thorpe, Sydney Naylor, 7 Nov to Elizabeth Ann Jackson, Nov 1917
Trickett, James Tissington, 25 Dec at Elton to Mary Ann Skidmore, Jan 1903
Turner, John, 22 Dec at Prim. Meth. Chapel to Emily Winfield, Jan 1898
Twigg, Sarah Ann of Birchover, 13 Jun Bakewell to Josiah Wild, Jul 1900
Vincent, William, 1 Aug to Florence May Allen, Sep 1910, Sep 1912, Apr 1918, Feb 1919
Wagstaff, Herbert of S. Darley, 1 Aug Mat'ck to Ethel Marshall, Sep 1904
Wagstaffe, Anne, 3 Oct to Joshua Mozley, Nov 1888
Wagstaffe, Helen Jane, 20 Apr to John Thos. Walker, May 1898
Wagstaffe, Rev. John, Feb,  at mar of  Helen Jane Wagstaffe, May 1898
Walker, Bertha Sophia, after banns to George Greensmith on 2 Apr, May 1888
Walker, Ellen, 7 Jun to Samuel Stone, Jul 1899
Walker, John Thos., 20 Apr to Helen Jane Wagstaffe, May 1898
Walker, John William, 10 Aug to Mary Ellen Boam, Sep 1910, Oct 1911
Walker, Kate, 1 Aug to Joseph Needham, Sep 1904
Walker, Sarah Ada, 30 Aug to Daniel Ingman at Newark, Notts Oct 1897
Walton, Maggie, 22 Feb to Percy Charlesworth of Lowfields, 1905
Wardman, Eleanor Louisa, mar by licence to Robert Hardy on 12 Mar, May 1888
Wardman, Sarah Elizabeth, 24 Dec to Alfred Albert Boam, Jan 1908
Waterfall, John William, 4 Feb to Adeline May Furniss Needham, 1913
Webster, Charles Henry of Ible, 14 Apr to Mary Alice Gregory, Jun 1909
Whitcher, George Edgar, 6 Jun to Flora Roberts, Jul 1931
Whitehead, Frank of Dukinfield, 29 Apr to Eliza Collins, May 1899
Wild, George, 17 Oct to Sarah Selina Adams, Nov 1904
Wild, John, at Sheffield on 10 Apr to Beatrice Amelia Roper, May 1901
Wild, Josiah, 13 Jun Bakewell to Sarah Ann Twigg of  Birchover, Jul 1900
Wild, Wm , at Matlock to Florence Nightingale Oakley of Matlock, Nov 1899
Wilson, Frederick George, 16 Oct to Sarah Ann Hardy, Nov 1902
Wilson, Laura, 4 Apr to Norrie Marsden Young, May 1931
Wilson, Mary Ethel, 28 Dec to George Hallan of South Darley, Jan 1905
Winfield, Ellen, 17 Sep Prim. Meth. Chapell, to Thos. Bateman, Oct 1904
Winfield, Emily, 23 Dec at Prim. Meth. Chapel to John Turner, Jan 1898
Winfield, Sarah Ann, 21 Oct Matlock to George Gregory, Nov 1898
Wint, Mary Elizabeth, 18 Jun to Edward Laurence Handley, Aug 1960
Winter-Barker, Robert, 31 Jul to Clara Prime, Aug 1899
Wood, James, South Darley, 5 Jul to Cicely Ellen Greatorex, Sep 1907
Woodward, Henry Holden of Derby, 30 Apr to Ann Shaw, May 1907
Worsley, Helen Carill, to Henry Ann Norman, Apr 1900
Wragg, Henry of Matlock, 27 Aug to Sarah Alice Marshall, Sep 1903
Young, Norrie Marsden, 4 Apr to Laura Wilson, May 1931

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