23 January 2013

Various Transcribed Records for Winster


Most are listed under the May 2009 Archives on the left. Click the little black arrow on the year then month & you’ll get a list of all available records.

Please contact me on the email address listed under My Profile if you need any help with your Winster ancestors including the villages around Winster. I have an old SK26 map of the area and may be able to help with old place/farm names that aren’t on the current day maps. If leaving a comment please don’t forget to include an email address for me to contact you on.

If you are after Look-ups in the Stanton in Peak parish registers -

Baptisms: 1840-1948; Marriages: 1875-1981; Burials: 1875-1942

please send an email to the address in my profile with the subject line – SiP Lookup

I’m also willing to lookup the Winster PRs, I have my own transcribed copies of them, very willing to help anytime.

Dawn Scotting

The Cuddie – Brittlebank Murder in Winster


The following article is reproduced with permission from Reflections magazine, www.reflections-magazine.com. With many thanks to John C Ellis who sent it to me and obtained the permission to post it here.

Unfortunately, to be able to fit it into the size of this blog I’ve had to reduce the size to where it’s barely readable. I’d be happy to send a copy of the article to anyone who contacts me, you’ll find my email address under my profile on the left at the bottom of this page.