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NEW-Stray Mrgs


Winster inhabitants married in other parishes.
Sorted alphabetically by Groom’s surname.
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Parish Church Date Groom Bride
Elton 29.11.1758 Anthony Abel of Winster Mary Ingman
Darley 07.06.1768 George Allen Lydia Barker of Winster
Bonsall 11.10.1722 Thomas Ashton of Winster Mary Walker
Darley 30.10.1775 Thomas Ashton of Winster Mary Rowland
Darley 28.03.1790 Adam Ashton of Winster Sarah Shaw
Elton 28.03.1770 Henry Ashton of Winster Sarah Staley
Elton 01.07.1816 Samuel Ball of Winster Martha Waterhouse
Matlock 08.07.1734 Thomas Ball of Winster Martha Roads of Winster
Darley 10.08.1732 Edmund Barker Mary Bateman
of Winster
Matlock 24.07.1770 Jonathan Barker of Winster Ann Barker
Darley 02.12.1747 Thomas Barton of Winster Ann Topliss
Elton 08.03.1736 Hugh Bateman of Winster Phebe Stone
Elton 02.12.1847 Thomas Bateman,Winster Ann Stone
Bakewell 21.03.1754 John Bell Elizabeth Morehough of Winster
Bakewell 31.10.1750 Joseph Billing of Winster Elizabeth <blank> of Winster
Bonsall 26.06.1732 David Blackwall of Winster Grace Spencer
Baslow 23.07.1694 William Blackwell of Winster Elizabeth Ingman
Elton 06.06.1756 William Blackwell of Winster Sarah Beck
Elton 21.02.1871 John Boam of Winster Elizabeth Heathcote
Elton 09.07.1884 William Boam of Winster Esther Johnson
Bonsall 18.02.1753 John Bradley of Winster Dorothy Marple
Darley 18.10.1819 Thomas Broomhead of Winster Hannah Bradshaw
Bonsall 25.12.1820 William Bunting of Winster Bethiah Burton
Bakewell 14.10.1755 Richard Buxton of Winster Elizabeth Fogg
Bonsall 20.07.1755 Henry Buxton Elizabeth Greensmith of Winster
Bonsall 22.07.1827 Anthony Buxton of Winster Hannah Bunting
Darley 13.05.1750 Robert Cadman of Winster Ann Rowse
Darley 05.08.1762 George Cadman of Winster Elizabeth Holmes
Matlock 06.01.1724 Anthony Cadman, Winster Mary Bullock of Winster
Bonsall 01.10.1855 Benjamin Charlesworth of Winster Ann Henstock
Darley 12.01.1764 Thomas Darbyshire Elizabeth Boyard of Winster
Darley 24.07.1662 Thomas Dawes Mary Halley of Winster
Bonsall 23.11.1724 John Doncaster of Winster Susanna Needham
Darley 20.04.1767 John Durdin of Winster Elizabeth Hall
Matlock 18.08.1768 William Ellis of Winster Ann Walker
Bonsall 17.05.1664 Francis Evans of Winster Rachell Cooke
Darley 22.02.1748 Ralph Evans of Winster Jane Simpson
Darley 07.04.1740 John Evins of Winster Jane Baddly of Winster
Darley 28.02.1763 Abraham Flint Lidia Frost of Winster
Elton 18.05.1854 Samuel Foxlow of Winster Elizabeth Dakin
Bakewell 12.09.1831 Samuel Furness (born Longstone) Ann Lant
(born Winster)
Darley 12.06.1706 David Gallin of Winster Elizabeth Allin
Stanton in Peak 25.12.1879 George Greatorex of Winster Ellen Elizabeth Wright
Elton 01.05.1872 Edward Greatorix of Winster Elizabeth Holmes
Bakewell 26.10.1752 Thomas Gregory of Birchover Hannah <blank> of Winster
Darley 26.08.1844 Joseph Gregory of Winster Sarah Holmes
Elton 18.01.1790 William Gregory Grace Coates of Winster
Darley 15.01.1811 Joseph Hadfield Sarah Walker of Winster
Elton 18.09.1793 Isaac Hadfield Elizabeth Marsden of Winster
Elton 11.11.1867 Isaac Hadfield Hannah Charlesworth of Winster
Darley 05.09.1730 Jonathan Hall of Winster Sarah Blackwell of Winster
Elton 04.02.1717 George Halley of Winster Sarah Birds
Darley 22.01.1713 Samuel Harrison of Winster Ann Turner of Wensley
Stanton in Peak 01.11.1875 James Hawksworth of Winster Ellen Gilbert
Bonsall 19.02.1857 Thomas Hawksworth of Winster Martha Gregory
Bonsall 04.09.1805 Thomas Haynes of Winster Mary Batty
Darley 26.03.1761 William Haynes Anne Buxton of Winster
Darley 09.04.1761 Samuel Haynes Lydia Hawley of Winster
Elton 08.01.1777 George Haynes Sarah Banks of Winster
Elton 03.12.1789 Samuel Haynes Rachel Dore of Winster
Elton 23.07.1879 John Heathcote of Winster Mary Dakin
Bakewell 09.07.1723 Joseph Higgs of Winster Lydia Thornhill
Matlock 17.04.1759 Thomas Hill of Winster Elizabeth Wallock
Beeley 10.09.1758 John Holme Sarah Ludlum of Winster
Bakewell 03.05.1753 George Howseley of Elton Mary Taylor of Winster
Elton 26.12.1843 William Howsley of Winster Elizabeth Taylor
Darley 25.10.1763 Samuel Johnson Ann Evans of Winster
Matlock 27.11.1797 James Keeling of Winster Patience Jackson
Matlock 13.09.1802 Henry Knowles Ann Taylor of Winster
Darley 13.01.1732 George Low Dinah Gibbons of Winster
Elton 30.04.1750 Thomas Low of Winster Hannah Marshall
Darley 25.08.1777 Godfrey Marsden of Winster Elizabeth Swinscoe
Bakewell 12.07.1754 Robert Micock of Winster Lydia Fogg
Elton 11.07.1781 Benjamin Milner Hannah Buxton of Winster
Bakewell 22.10.1750 George Moore of Winster Ann Wooley of Winster
Matlock 10.04.1705 Robert Moore of Winster Elizabeth Hayward
Elton 18.05.1815 Thomas Moseley Hannah Hardy of Winster
Bonsall 30.06.1773 John Needham Rachel Hayley of Winster
Stanton in Peak 29.12.1887 Joseph Newton of Winster Ann Alsop of Birchover
Ashover 23.10.1854 Thomas Newton Ann Orme of Winster
Bonsall 27.10.1859 Samuel Newton of Winster Lucy Worthy
Bonsall 13.01.1710 George Oliver of Winster Joane Eaton
Matlock 26.11.1770 Joseph Orm of Winster Margaret Boden
Darley 14.10.1657 Francis Parker of Winster Grace Shore of Snitterton
Stanton in Peak 17.10.1908 George Prince of Stanton Hillside Ann Elizabeth Greatorex of Winster
Ashover 28.02.1848 Isaac Rains of Green Field Hse (born Winster) Esther Wright of Green Field Hse (born Bonsall)
Darley 20.01.1740 William Rhodes of Winster Ann Tindale of Winster
Darley 14.09.1657 Godfrey Richardson of Toadhole Elizabeth Gonder? of Winster
Elton 02.07.1895 Jonathan Roose Lydia Bateman of Winster
Bonsall 25.07.1762 John Rowbottom of Winster Sarah Marple
Elton 31.07.1782 Edward Salt Hannah Newton of Winster
Stanton in Peak 10.02.1979 Darrell Shimwell of Winster Jennifer Johnson
Bakewell 02.10.1732 William Slater Anne Robinson of Winster
Bonsall 26.12.1763 Thomas Sleigh of Winster Grace Newton
Elton 17.04.1755 Joseph Smedley Elizabeth Yates of Winster
Darley 17.05.1845 Samuel Smith of Winster Mary Bown of Sydnope
Darley 24.12.1866 Joshua Smith of Winster Mary Ann Holmes
Bakewell 07.10.1750 William Spencer of Winster Sarah Twigg of Winster
Elton 06.11.1872 Benjamin Stadon of Winster Sarah Nadin
Elton 16.12.1767 Paul Staley Mary Wilcock of Winster
Elton 04.01.1779 Stephen Staley of Winster Mary Marshall
Darley 25.05.1863 John Staveley of North Darley; Winster Elizabeth Wain of North Darley
Matlock 08.07.1734 Thomas Staveley of Elton Mary Bateman of Winster
Darley 19.04.1661 John Stone Margaret Lowe of Winster
Elton 18.01.1847 William Stone Ellen Ashton of Winster
Matlock 23.07.1770 John Stone of Winster Mary Walker
Matlock 14.08.1855 George Stone of Winster Sarah Summers of Boat House
Darley 13.09.1854 Micah Swindell of Winster Jemina Wagstaff
Stanton in Peak 26.07.1899 Joseph Taylor of Winster Mary Prince of Stanton
Elton 02.04.1793 Thomas Taylor of Winster Hannah Dakin
Bonsall 24.03.1711 Joseph Thorpe of Chesterfield Dorothy Hayns of Winster
Darley 25.11.1755 Robert Toplis of Winster Mary Shore
Bonsall 04.03.1754 John Twigg of Winster Hannah Stone of Winster
Darley 27.08.1663 Richard Vickers Elizabeth Stone of Winster
Bonsall 20.10.1840 Joseph Walker Elizabeth Smith of Winster
Bonsall 27.03.1794 John Walton of Winster Sarah Brace
Elton 15.02.1822 Charles Walwin Rebecca North of Winster
Darley 23.09.1661 Thomas Ward of Wensley Ann Eaire of Winster
Elton 12.06.1848 Henry Watts Hannah Allen of Winster
Darley 29.10.1764 John Wayne Mary Marshal of Winster
Darley 19.01.1820 James Westerby of Winster Ellen Stone of Wensley
Ashover 20.05.1656 Leonard Wheatcroft Elizabeth Hawley of Winster
Bonsall 13.03.1847 Thomas Wheeldon of Winster Matilda Wood
Darley 10.07.1698 John Wheldon of Winster Mabell Walwin of Elton
Bakewell 10.07.1783 Thomas White of Priestcliff Ellen Twigg of Winster
Darley 23.05.1826 Uriah White of Winster Hannah Orme of Winster
Elton 17.09.1749 John White of Winster Elizabeth Bridge
Darley 07.06.1719 Richard Wilcock of Winster Elizabeth Johnson of Winster
Bakewell 22.04.1753 William Williams of Winster Ann Breston of Stanton
Darley 16.08.1720 Robert Williams of Winster Prudence Stone of Wensley
Elton 07.03.1867 Richard Witham of Winster Janes Raines of Griff Grange
Darley 06.04.1708 George Wood of Breechgate Sarah Hawley of Winster
Bonsall 26.05.1765 Samuel Woodiwiss Elizabeth Willcock of Winster
Darley 14.01.1840 Charles Carill Worsley of Winster Mary Jane Darwin of Sydnope
Darley 27.05.1827 John Wright Ellen Broomhead of Winster

NEW-1633 Vills

List of Vills & Freeholders of Derbyshire 1633
Found on LDS film #6026303      
May be a list of Jurors

Freeholders, or free tenants (libere tenentes), were those who held portions of the demesne lands, as opposed to land held in villenage.
Nomina villarum et liberorum tenentium infra hundredum et resid[entium] Comitatus Derbiensus.

Latin abbreviations (found on Wirksworth website)
alloc, or alloc bre : may be allocationis breve, a writ or certificate of excuse.
p'cator : may be procurator
mil' terr' (militaris terra) : land held by knight service
generosus : gentleman, of noble birth
mort/e : dead, deceased
Armiger : gentleman, knight, entitled to bear arms

de Scarsdale
Brampton  -  Henricus Bullocke, armiger
Norton  -  Johannes Bullocke, armiger. Justiciarius
Swathwicke  -  Georgius Wagstaffe, alloc bre
Unston  -  Johannes Bullocke, generosus

  -  Johannes Mellor alloc bre
Biginge  -  Laurencius Ferne alt to Tomas, p'cat
Biginge Grange  -  Johannes Sleigh generosus alloc bre
Bonsall  -  Antonius Shawe mort, Tomas Maple, Edwardus Wooley, Tomas Needham, Tomas Bennett, Johannes Greatrax, Georgius Wood, Georgius Hardinge, Georgius Bowne alloc
Ballidon  -  Rogerus Hurt generosus
Bradburne  -  Georgius Buxton mort [uus est] pc, Tomas Hande, Ricardus Harrison
Brassington  -  Johannes Buxton generosus, Willelmus Westerne generosus morte, Edwardus Lane generosus, Rolandus Alsopp, Radulphus Walton, Robertus Western
Blackwall  -  Johannes Blackwall
Bridgetowne  -  Jacobus Ouldefeild, Robertus Steere
Carsington  -  Tomas Buxton pc, Radulphus Gell, Edwardus Vallence, Robertus Westerne, Willelmus Steeple
Cowley  -  Richardus Senior, generosus alloc bre (did I leave his surname out or is it Senior?)
Crowdicote  -  Richardus Sterndale p'cat'
Crumforde  -  Tomas Woodiwis
Greene  -  Johannes Ferne mil ter
Hartington  -  Ricardus Bateman generosus, Tomas Fearne p'cator
Heathcott  -  Johannes  Humblton, Willelmus Ferne
Hopton  -  Athonius Steeple, Georgius Cockeyn, Willelmus Greatrax
Hurdlowe  -  Edwardus Brereton, Robertus Dale mort, Johannes Froggatt
Kirke Ireton  -  Johannes Jackson, Henricus Twigge, Tomas Toplis, Ricardus Cowper, Radulphus Twigge, Georgius Storer, Robertus Smyth, Rolandus Higgett p'cat'.
Middleton juxta Workesworth  -  Johannes Spencer
Middleton juxta Yolgrave  -  Willelmus Riddierd p'cat, Robertus Bateman p'cat
Matlocke  -  Anthonius Woodward, Anthonius Cotterell, Tomas Flynte gererosus, Tomas Flynte generosus, Anthonius Bowne, Willelmus Ludlam alloc, Adamus Woolley alloc bre J.C., Georgius Bowne, Willelmus Woolley
Needham Grange  -  Willelmus Mellande, Tomas Lomas (altered to Robertus)
Perwich  -  Johannes Gould alloca, Matheus Halley, Johannes Pegg, Johannes Dakyn, Simion Dakyn, Tomas Alsopp alloc, Ricardus Roe, remember allo, Willelmus Alsopp alloc bre
Prat Hall  -  Robertus Toplis
Tansley  -  Henricus Statham, Georgius Spateman
Whildon Trees  -  [blank] Goodwyn, mort
Wooscote Grange  -  Georgius Crichloe generosus
Workesworth  -  Henricus Wigley, Tomas Taylor, Georgius Sommers, Johannes Lee, mil ter
Wigwall Grange  -  Ricardus Wigley, generosus

High Peake
Bakewell  -  Johannes Woodhouse generosus, Granciscus Burton, Johannes Twigge, Rogerus Bretnor, Franciscus Sterndale, Willelmus Riddyard, Georgius Riddyard, Edwardius Heaward
Birchover  -  Willelmus Watson, Richardus Beresford p'cator, Rogerus Eyre generosus p'cator
Darley  -  Johannes Braddowe, Georgius Gladwin
Lees  -  Henricus Lees generosus, Henricus Hardye
Over Haddon  -  Richardus Greaves generosus Capitalis Constabularius, Richardus Hodgkinson, Hugo Newton, Georgius Brodehurst, Georgius Hodgkinson
Stanton  -  Radalphus Bache generosus, Richardus Cawton, Georgius Sternedale p'cat, Willelmus Birdes (generosus erased)
Winster  -  Johannes Tomlinson, Richardus Halley p'cator, Richardus Ashmore, (Willelmus Parker erased), Willelmus Watson, Edwardus Parker
Yolgrave  -  Nicholaus Gilberte armiger alloc bre, Johannes Whitacres generosus p'cator mort, Johannes  Briddon generosus, Richardus Garratt alloc bre, Samuell Roberts, Franciscus Bradbury generosus alloc bre, Franciscus Foxe generosus Mortuusest. p'cat, Franciscus Fox generosus.

1997 Phone Book

Surnames listed in the 1997 Winster Phone Book


28 May 2009

Settlement Exams.

Winster Settlement Examinations 1718-1830

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20-01-1718 Margaret WILSON - her mother & father lived at Catston? <possibly Cork Stone or Gorse Stone> in the Liberty of Stanton in Parish of Youlgreave. Both of them now dead & hath heard her mother say she was born at Catston & she is now something above one & twenty & not above five. Hired by Richard BUXTON's wife of Winster found herself with child by Richard Buxton's son & was dispatched from her services. His father & mother say he was a great way off but how far off or where did not say. Signed by Thomas? Bagshaw.

10-02-1724/5 Frances BARKER - late wife of John. Saith she was married about six & twenty or eight & twenty years ago at inster. They lived there about 6 or 8 years & kept an Ale House all that time & then removed to Birchover & lived there on a farm of about twenty five pounds a year under Mr BERESFORD about 13 years & then removed to Winster again for betwixt 6 & 7 years in which time her husband died. After his death she continued to live at Winster about 3 weeks or a month & then went to live with her son at Derby for 14 or 15 weeks & then returned to Winster where she hath lived ever since & she cannot tell she hath gained any Settlement since she left Birchover. Frances signed by making her mark.

09-04-1725 Luke POYZES - he was born at Wirksworth & lived there until her was about 20 & then was listed for a Soldier in the Regiment of General North & Grey in which regiment he continued 16 years & odd months & then was disbanded. Hath lived ever since at Wirksworth strolling about the country selling pots & doing Day-tale work <or Dog-tale work>.

03-07-1730 Ellin BOAM? - singel woman now big with child & that in February last Jonathan HALL lay with her in her mother's house in Winster & did then beget her with child. <this should probably be with the Bastardy cases>.

29-09-1731 - Jonathan HALL - son of Josias? Hall who now lives in Winster by virtue of a certificate for Wirksworth, that he was born in Winster.

11-10-1739 Samuel HAYNE - born in Parish of St Werburg in Derby. Hester his wife is now at Winster & near the time of Lying-in. When he was 16 started working at various places including Roston Derbyshire, Burton Staffordshire, Clifford's Inn in London & 9 years in the military.

08-10-1739 Richard MUMFORD - born Wodensbury Staffs where his father is settled. Came to Winster about 2 years since.

08-10-1739 John ABEL - born Aspley in Parish of Eglesull Staffordshire & his mother has a settlement there. Age 19 worked in Woford in Parish of Sterne Staffordshire, then Wodensbury. Now in Winster & rents a house of ?1.15.0 a year.

08-10-1739 Thomas GODBEHERE - born Cromford, about 15 years since he came unto Wirksworth & rented house & land of the Earl of Macklsfeild ?12 a year. Came to Winster six years since.

08-10-1739 Matthias MORRIS - born St Peters M???? Parish in City of Norwich. Worked in Stepney Middlesex. He came to Winster this last christmas.

08-10-1739 George WRAGG - born at Bonsall. Lived with his father until 1 & 20 years old, about that age he married and lived there working in mines about 5 years after his marriage. 1? years ago came to Winster & rents ?6 a year of Joe BROCKLAS. George signed Ragg.

08-10-1739 Yenni? PICKERING - born Youlgreave, came to Winster about 9 months ago.

08-10-1739 William PIME? - born Chesterfield, aged about 15 lived in Sheffield York for 7 years then Alfreton.

08-10-1739 Anthoney WALL - born Halling, about 15 years since he came into Darley for 16? years then Stanton. Came to Winster at Lady Day last.

08-10-1739 Charles BUTTERWORTH - born Duckenfeild in Parish of Stockport Chester. Came to Winster 3 years since.

08-10-1739 John HALL - born Taslington? Co Durham. Lived & worked in Parish St Dunstones in the East, London and St Botolph without Allgate, London. Came to Winster April last.

07-11-1740 Thomas BOLD - born Westdley? Staffordshire, lived there until 13. Apprenticed in Willenhall? by Indenture in Parish of Wolverhampton in Staffordshire.

17-07-1740 Ann BLACKWELL - single woman ?.. <rest mostly illegible>.

23-12-1744 or 47 Stephen STALEY - apprentice a poor boy Anthony BLACKWELL.

23-12-1744 or 47 John ROWLAND - apprentice a poor boy Arthur HEATHCOTE. <these lst two entries should probably be in the Apprenticeship Indentures>.

17-06-1748 Thomas PEARCE - born in Parish of Gwinear in Cornwall <rest illegible>.

08-11-1748 Jonathan WIGLEY - sometime in July last he together with Mary his wife were removed by an order of two of H M Justices of Peace from Winster to Wirksworth but soon after they were returned to Winster where they have resided ever since.

22-03-1749 David ROOSE - born Birchover. Before May last he, his son, & a servant, went from Birchover to Winster in a week returned to Birchover to see his wife. A month later his wife & daughter left Birchover to live with him in Winster. Still had his house in Birchover where he went to prevent two beds being spoiled.

14-05-1758 Joseph MARSDEN - born Grindleford Bridge in Eyam. 23 years old & 3 years ago last christmas hired himself to George TISSINGTON of Winster for 11 months. ?6 wages & worked for him ever since, now on weekly wages. Married Esther about 7 months ago now lives in Winster in house of William SPENCER's under the yearly rent of 35/-. <Joseph married Esther BAGSHAW at Winster on 27 Oct 1757>.

??-05-1758 George BOAM - his father Francis was formerly settled at Bakewell and in year 1724 he moved to Winster.

??-05-1758 Samuel YATES - his father Jonathan YATES was settled at Bakewell & came from thence to Winster by certificate upwards of 30 years ago. Samuel is about 34 years old & was born at Winster. Married to Elizabeth about 9 years he has 3 children to wit Sa...l about 14 years old, Jonathan about 3 years old and Sarah/Susan? about 3 ?? old.

??-05-1758 Thomas FRYER - born Thornton in ?????. In 1746 was bound apprentice to Anthony COOPER of Winster for 7 years but left when Mr Cooper removed from Winster. <mostly scribbled & illegible> Jane wife married about 9 years ago. Hath John about 7? years old, Ann about 4 years old and Henry? about 11 months old.

18-05-1758 John APPLEBY - of Winster, born Wirksworth, his father settled at Bradley this County and about 1734 his father came to Winster where he now resided. Married to Sarah, no children. Soldier?

18-12-1758 Joseph LONT - his wife & four/five children now and for some years have been inhabitants of Winster. Francis CLARK overseer of the Parish of Winster.

23-03-1759 Joseph BROCKLASS - in Parish of Wirksworth. Upon oath saith that Daniel LORKALL of Brassington hath stolen a parcel? of Rents the property of Elizabeth SPENSER widow to value of 8 shillings & upwards.

16-04-1759 Joseph LONT - and his family 3 months ago moved from Winster to Aldwark & returned later to Winster. James JOHNSON overseer of the Parish of Winster.

26-06-1759 Joseph EYRE - born Hope Derbyshire, wife Mary. Had 13 children by said wife 6 of whom are dead, sons now living are - John, Benjamin, Thomas. Daughters Milasaint 6 years & up, Mary 8 years & up, Ruth 10 years & up and Elizabeth? 15 years & up.

13-09-1760 Frances MATHEWS - born Wisbitch in Ely, Cambridge. 35 years since she married to Richard SHEELS/SHACK/SLACKS of Wisbitch St Mary's in Lincoln, her husband lived about 6 years after they married & about 23 years since she remarried again to Francis MATHEWS, he hath been dead about 6 weeks and she has 2 sons by him, the eldest being born at Sisanick? in Co Derby about 11 years since & youngest born Baslow Co Derby about 8 years since.

09-07-1763 William LONGDEN - born Ible in Parish of Wirksworth. Father John Longden settled there. Age 24? he married Mary daughter of William GOODWIN of Stanton & lived at Ible about 6 years & had 3 children there born, John about 6 years, Job 3? years & William upwards of 2 years. Since inhabitancy of Winster has had daughter Mary aged about 17 weeks all by his said wife.

04-10-1766 John SMITH - born Winster, when he was a child his father went to London & enter'd himself in the Life Gard there. Never heard that his father gained a settlement after he left Winster.

26-12-1769 John HILL - of Hulland in Parish of Ashburn. Born at ?onge in Parish of Duffield and when 16 served Aron BROCKLIS of ??? in Co Derby farmer for 27 weeks, after that served John TOMLINSON of Atlow for 11 months then Thomas GARRETT of Bindley for 11 months and about the 16 of Aug last he marry'd.

??-07-1770 Benjamin BENISON - of Winster, born Eyam. When about 20 he enlisted as a soldier into the Cheshire militia for 3 years. On 28 Sep 1765 was discharged and came to Winster.

18-07-1770 James BEECH - born Tideswell. Worked for Joseph BRIGHTMORE of Stony Middleton as apprentice for 6 years. Since then been at Winster.

21-07-1770 Adam WALKER - born Bonsall, at 16 hired as servant to John BARBER of Bonsall for 1 year & upwards.

18-07-1770 Edward WELLS - born Winster, at 13 or 14 was apprenticed to Henry WELLS of Southwell in Nottinghamshire,

joyner for 7 years, but after about 4 years parted with said master. About 1 year and a half of said term his master resided in Oxford Rd, London, can't say what Parish.

18-07-1770 Paul STALEY - born Elton but now resides in Winster where he rents a house off Caleb WILCOCK.

18-07-1770 Henry WITHAM - born South Normanton.

03-01-1771 William HEADLEY - born Brassington, hired at 16 by Joseph BROCKLEHURST of Aldwark.

29-01-1771 James ALLSEBROOK - from Selston in Nottinghamshire.

13-09-1772 Stephen STALEY - born Winster. 16 years since removing to a Liberty of Ironsley? Farm, 2 years ago returned to Winster.

07-11-1772 John THORP - born Ashford in the Water in Parish of Bakewell. In Royal Forestors about two years.

08-07-1778 Margaret STREET - born Manchester, Lancashire. When 18 was married to Charles Street then a soldier in Churchills Dragoons, he was born Longston Derbyshire. After being discharged lived in Darley, from there removed to Winster where he died in about 1 year. She resided several years after his death.

06-08-1778 William FANTOM - born Stanton in Youlgreave.

06-08-1778 John LONGDIN - born Ible where father settled. Father since moved to Winster, he learned trade of blacksmith with his Uncle John HODGKINSON at Youlgreave but was never bound apprentice to him.

06-08-1778 Sarah HARTLE - wife of Robert who is a private soldier in Derbyshire Militia and legal settlement place is Winster. She wants support for herself and two children. The Overseers of the Parish of Winster were ordered to pay her 3/- per week.

06-08-1778 Nicholas CARDER - born Winster but his father's settlement was then in the parish of Hartington. At 12 years old he was hired as a servant of Rob?. of Eckington & worked for him for 19 years.

06-08-1778 Henry FRYER - born Winster, at 12 years was bound apprentice to Thomas PRIME of Birchover for 7 years. Thomas settled in Birchover from Wirksworth.

19-03-1779 James WHITWORTH - born at Akring in Co Nottinghamshire where his father was legally settled and James has no settlement in any other place.

04-10-1779 Mary TOMLINSON - born Brassington father James, her mother died when she was 11. They removed with her Aunt Sarah TURNER to Winster for 10 years when she went to live with James KEELING at Winster for 11 months at 35/-, but did not serve the whole 11 months.

27-12-1780 Elizabeth DONCASTER - of Aldwark Grange singlewoman. Born at Winster where mother Martha Doncaster lived, when 13 years old she was a parish apprentice to John CALDWALL then of Winster, butcher. She served the said John Caldwall at Winster for about 10 months when she removed with said master to Aldwark Grange where her master had taken a farm. She continued with said master and family for 18 months and has done nothing to gain a settlement elsewhere.

19-05-1781 Elizabeth STAYLEY - of Winster singlewoman. Born at Winster where her father John Stayley lived, continued with father until 10 or 11 when with the consent of her father was hired as a servant by Thomas NUTTALL of Birchover, mason, for a term of 3 years. For consideration of meat and clothes and lived with him 18 months when she left and hired herself as servant for 11 months to Thomas LOWE of Matlock. After that she went back to Thomas Nuttall and continued several months but did not stay a year. Since then has lived in various places but has never been hired or served for a year in any other place.

06-06-1783 John BROWN - labourer of Winster. Born at New Bottle in Co Middle Lowden in Scotland <Midlothian>. Father James Brown had legal settlement in Dundee in Scotland. When he was about 8 years he went on board the Royal Sovereign of 112 Guns at Portsmouth where he continued about 12 months as cook's boy. Since then has been on several voyages on board different ships to different parts of the World in capacity of a sailor. About 14 years he bound himself apprentice to John SLIGHT at Hull in Yorkshire to learn art of Navigation for term of 4 years, after serving about 2 years and a half (during which time he lived on board master's ship) he was impressed on board the Hind of 20 Guns, since which time he has been on several voyages on board different ships. About 9 years ago he discharged from on board The ? at Portsmouth and after working in sundry places as a day labourer about a year when he was marryed at Pentrige in Derby since which time he has lived chiefly in Swanwich in Derby as day labourer, lived at Winster now 9 months. Now has wife with him named Bennett and two children, John 5 years and Elizabeth 3 years.

06-06-1783 Richard BECK alias SPENCE - of Winster, miner. Born Elton (illegitimate child). At 6 months old his mother married William BLACKWELL of Winster and they went to live at Brownhills Staffordshire where he continued to live for 9 years when he removed with them to Winster and then went to live with William WRIGHT at Winster for about 1? years.

10-06-1783 Alexander ROSE - now residing at Winster. Born at Ardelanch?, Co of Nairnshire, North Britain where father resided and about 17 or 18 years enlisted as a soldier in the Earl of Sutherland's Regiment where he continued for a short time. Then returned to father at Ardelanch and about 19 years since he left North Britain and went to Haworth in Yorkshire and was hired by the year by Mrs WESTBY with whom he lived for 3 years and hence hired as servant with Robert MOWER Esquire of Woodseats in the township of Barlow and after went with him to Dronefield Derby where he lived with Robert Mower for near 2 years and had 9 guineas wages by the year. He came back with said master to Woodseats a few weeks before he left him and about a few weeks after he left Mr Mower he was married to his present wife and after living in several places during his marriage came to reside at Winster and hired as servant to George WHITE for several years and took a house there for six pounds and six shillings a year and has paid parochial taxes.

25-06-1783 Thomas MARSDEN - late of Youlgreave, labourer. Born Darley and at about 6 months removed with his father to Birchover where his father was legally settled. At 15 he was hired by George BRADLEY of Birchover for 1 year. June 1771 he went to live with Edward TIMPERLY at Youlgreave, continued in his service about 6 years when he was married at Youlgreave and after that continued with said Edward Timperly for some years. About 3 months after he first went to Mr Timperly he was told he could afford to give him 20 guineas a year if he would stay with him. That during all the time he did stay with him he never was hired by him nor considered himself as at all engaged to stay with the said Mr Timperly, he was for a little while in the house of Mrs Timperly at Youlgreave where the said Mr Timperly then lived and that he afterwards went with Mr Timperly to Ireland where he continued for about 8 months that he was afterwards boarded by the said Mr Timperly at the house of James SHIMWELL in Youlgreave. That during the whole of his service he never accounted with Mr Timperly for his wages by the year, by the month or by the week nor any other time. Mr Timperly occasionally gave him sums of money at different times which never amounted to the sum of ?20 a year.

22-12-1783 John BRAITHWAITE alias BAMFORD - now at Winster. He is about 19 years of age and born at Coventry Co Warwickshire where his father Richard Braithwaite resided as a journeyman dyer but he believes his father's legal place of abode was at York in Co York. Apprentice to Robert CONSATT in parish of St Holows. Hair dresser for 7 years left after 6 years because of a difference with master. Now works as journeyman hair dresser and a month ago he married at Winster.

06-06-1782 Cornelius HUNSTONE - of Winster. Born Birchover, father Henry Hunstone, at 14 apprenticed to Anthony MASON of Brampton as blacksmith. 20 years ago he rented a farm under Lord Scarsdale at June Lead? in parish of Worksworth yearly rent ?34.10 where he continued to live for 17 years that at Lady Day 1782 he left farm and since worked at Winster as labourer miner. He has 3 children by wife Ann, who is now deceased, with him at Winster viz Ann aged 14 years, Samuel 10 years and Mary 5 years.

06-06-1783 Aron NEWTON - of Winster. Born Upper Haddon in Derby, father Thomas Newton legal settlement at Hoathy Lee in Staffordshire. When young his father removed to Birchover where soon after his father died. Continued to live there with mother until 23 years old when he married. 1764 or 65 he lived at Wensley renting from Steven STALEY of Wensley and at same time rented at Wensley from Henry FIELDING of Darley, he only occupied for one year. 20 Sep 1769 he purchased cottage and piece of land off said Henry Fielding in township of Wensley for ?60 where he lived as a labouring miner til within this 6 months when poverty obliged him to sell his said possessions since which time has lived in Winster. Wife named Elizabeth and two children viz Isaac aged 5 years and Lyddy aged 2 years.

23-01-1786 Thomas BLAND - of Winster, miner and now a private soldier in His Magesty's 59th <or 69th> Regiment of Foot and also a substitute in the Derbyshire Militia. Born Wensley, father John Bland legally settled. Now 18 years of age and was married about a month or 5 weeks since to Hannah STONE of Winster who has since his marriage been delivered of a female child called Susanna. Taken on oath at Bakewell.

28-04-1786 Edmund CLEGG - late of Tumbling Fount in parish of Tongue in Co Lancaster, joiner. Born Rochdale Lancaster, father's place of legal settlement. When 16 years old was apprenticed to James STOTT of Rochdale joiner for 7 years where he served about 3 years. His father and himself then entered an agreement with George GREYHAM of Bolton Lancaster, joiner and cabinet maker, continued there for 2 years. Is now about 24 years of age and was married yesterday at Winster to Elizabeth STORER by whom he has lately had a female bastard child born at Winster.

31-10-1786 Thomas CADMAN - Leadhills, miner in this place. He is by habit and repute the son of Anthony and Elizabeth Cadman of Winster both of whom belong to the said parish where he was born and brought up by his parents. Elizabeth Cadman now in or near the parish of Conistone in Lancaster is his lawful daughter, the issue of his marriage with Sarah PARK of Conistone.

19-05-1786 Jeremiah BUXTON - now of Winster. Born Aldwark father Joseph Buxton. Apprentice butcher to Thomas WA?? of Elton at age 16 for 2 years. Returned to family at Aldwark for 5 or 6 years when he went to reside at Critch where he married and resided for 12 months. Then went to Winster where he has resided since. Wife Dorothy and son Joseph reside with him.

09-11-1787 Matthew BROCKLEHURST - of Winster. Born Sheldon Derbyshire father Matthew Brocklehurst. 15 years apprentice to Thomas ROBINSON of Wensley, served 5? years and now works as a journeyman in his business. Wife Mary and son Matthew reside with him at Winster.

01-02-1792 James RAINS - of Winster sadler. Born Grange Mill Derbyshire, lived with father and family until 14 years of age. Apprentice to George TOPLIS of Wirksworth, sadler, served 7 years and then worked Journey work for another 7 years when he married and his since lived at Winster.

30-11-1792 Joseph THORPE - of Winster, cotton spinner. Born Penistone Yorkshire? 13 years ? <illegible>? Hall, worsted weaver. Cumberworth in parish Burton in the ? Riding of York for 7 years, since leaving master served in different Regiments of Militia and resided in Manchester, Newton Heath near Manchester and ???, all in Lancaster.

21-02-1792 Robert STAVELEY - of Winster, barber. Born Tideswell Derbyshire, left father's family when 22 years old and went to reside at Winster. In year 1779 his father died and being the eldest son he entered upon his effects together with a farm which his father rented from the late Mr FREEMAN of Whetstone though he continued to live at Winster, his mother lived in the house rent free.

04-12-1804 John ORME - of Sheffield in West Riding Yorkshire, labourer. He is about 43 years old and born at Denby, Derbyshire. When aged 15 he was apprenticed to Robert LOWE, cooper of Winster, he served 4 years when he was assigned over to his father, John Orme of Kingsley Staffordshire and served a further 7 mths. About 24 when he married at parish church of Sheffield to Margaret MELLAR spinster by whom he has 6 children - Mary 18, Elizabeth abt 16, Matthew abt 13, John abt 8, Margaret abt 6 and William abt 16 mths.

10-07-1805 George WILDMAN - of Winster, collier. Is 22 years old born at Measham Derbyshire. 14 years hired to Mr OUTRIM of Butterley for 51 weeks.

27-09-1808 Ann SALT - singlewoman. Is about 23 years old, born Winster. Hired to Mr WALKER of Minninglow in Derby then 1 year later to William TOPLIS of Brassington, farmer then to John SIMS of Hartington.

03-11-1818? Joseph HALL - Bridget MILLS wife of Jonathan Mills of Oldham Derbyshire in the settlement of her brother Joseph Hall. Joseph belongs to Winster as their father was born there. Her brother's wife (Sally Hall wife of William Hall) was removed to overseers of Oldham to Winster and she was then pregnant of a bastard child <illegible> being a soldier was out of the country and that her brother Joseph never lived above 50 years ??? <illegible>. Another note to say the old man has just breathed his last, widow in poor state of health and cannot do anything so she will be obliged to be relieved or we must put her under removal order, your answer and remittance will oblige <not dated>.

19-09-1828 - James ALDERSON - now residing in Winster. He's about 31 years old and born in parish of Habergham Eaves in Lancaster, married in St Peter's Church Nottingham to Elizabeth WIGLEY about 4 years ago, one child Paul who is nearly 3 years of age.

About 1830 - George BURTON - of Heage, labourer. 31 years old and was born in Winster of parents belonging there. He has 3 children born in lawful wedlock, Mary 6, George 4 and John 2. When he was aged 11 he went to Stonestead Grange and was there for 3 years, then to Hulland for 2 years, Brassington 2 years and then Brassington for another 3 years, since then has been employed by the week.

End of Settlement Examinations

Note: I'm sorry about all the question marks, dots & missing bits but it was VERY hard to read. You might have better luck.

Settlement Certs.


Winster Settlement Certificates 1698-1824

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20-03-1698  Samuel GAMBLE of Stanton  -  legally settled in Stanton.
04-02-1700  Richard HARRISON  -  lately removed out of Hamlet of Baslow & Bubnell.
04-06-1700  George INGMAN  -  removed out of the town of Baslow.
10-07-1709  John BADDILEY  -  of Stoney Middleton with Mary & two children.
24-08-1710  George HARRISON  -  of  North Wingfield.
??-01-1713  Mary CASTLE widow  -  from Elton.
17-2-1714/5 Thomas son of Robert BARKER  -  of Tideswall.
02-12-1718  William SILKSTONE  -  and wife from Wirksworth.
08-08-1719  John A??..S  -  his wife & children from Crumford in Wirksworth.
10-07-1722  Robert LEE  - his wife & family from Carsington.  Attested by: Samuel NEEDHAM & William GYTE.
08-11-1723  Robert BROOMHEAD of Stanton  -  his wife & children.
24-12-1726  Thomas BLACKWALL  -  and wife Ellen of Wensley.
08-06-1726  Daniel POTTER?  -  and wife Elizabeth of Bonsall.
<illegible>    George SHAW  -  wife & lawfully begotten children of Chrich.
05-2-1727/8 Thomas CLIFFE  -  and Hannah of Bakewell.
12-2-1727/8 William MOORE  -  wife Alice & son Joshua?, carpenter/joiner of Standon, Staffs.
02-3-1727/8 William YATES  -  of Parwich.
26-03-1730  Nathaniel LOWE  -  wife Hannah & son Johnathan of Carsington.
02-07-1731  Edward GODBEHERE  -  wife Anne, sons John & Thomas & daughter Grace of Crumford.
13-04-1732  Thomas SLATER?  -  and wife Katherine of Allsop in the Dale and/on Cold Eaton/Eston in Derby.
05-06-1732  Jonathan HALL  -  wife Sarah & their child Rachell of Wirksworth.
27-03-1733  William SLATER  - wife Anne & Elizabeth his child of Chelmerton in Bakewell.
16-04-1734  Francis BOAME  -  and wife Sarah of Bakewell.
07-04-1735  Joseph APPLEBEE  -  and Grace, Mary, Joseph & John of Bradley, Derbyshire.
06-05-1735  Robert EVANS  -  Ann & children Ralph, Sarah & Isabell of Rowsley in Parish of Bakewell.
05-05-1736  Joseph LEES  -  and wife Jane from Oldham, Lancashire.
27-09-1737  John BALL  -  and wife of South Wingfield
11-07-1738  Thomas BAMPTON  -  and wife Grace of Hamblet of Halsopp, Derbyshire.
02-10-1739  Richard KEELING  -  wife Mary & son James of Borchower in parish of Youlgreave.
2-3-1739/40  Francis PICKRING  -  wife Elizabeth & child of Youlgreave.
22-07-1740  George WRAGG  -  wife Dorothy & their children of Bonsall.
<no date>    Joseph BILLINGE  -  and wife Hannah, taylor of Middle-quarter of Hartington.
01-07-1740  George EVANS  -  and wife Anne of North Collingham, Nottingham.
15-11-1740  John GRANGER  -  and his children, of the Liberty of Kylburn, Parish of Horseley in Derby Co.
06-10-1741  John BALL  -  wife Ellen & children Ralph & Rebecka of Hault Hucknall.
Oath of Examination of John Ball  -  said he was born at Codington in Parish of Critch in Co Derby. His father never rented any house nor land in the liberty of Critch but believes & has heard his father say his settlement was at Morton in this county where he was born. When he was about 12 or 13 his father took a farm part in Critch and part in South Wingfeild and lived in said house for 7 years, he lived with his father all those 7 years. When he was about 20 his father left South Wingfield & went to live in the Liberty of Holt Hucknall. He lived with his father there for about a fortnight & has lived in several places since but never rented any house. He now resides in Winster.
07-02-1746  Edmond MARSDEN  -  his wife & two children from Birchover.
02-02-1746  Adam KNOWLES  -  his wife & family of Wensley & Snitterton.
31-12-1746  Anthony ABELL  -  schoolmaster, wife Rebecca & children John & Daniel from Ashbourn.
02-02-1746  George KNOWLES  -  his wife & family of Wensley & Snitterton.
05-03-1746  Thomas KEELING  -  miner & wife Elizabeth of Elton.
12-05-1746  Jonathan STONE  -  wife Mary & daughter Ruth of Elton.
26-03-1747  Thomas ASHTON Jnr  -  wife Mary & children Elizabeth & John of Bonsall.
26-03-1747  Anthony ABELL  -  wife Mary & children Esther, Anthony & Ann of Bonsall.
18-01-1747  Thomas ELICE  -  wife Mary and John widor's? son of Wirksworth.
26-12-1747  William HODGSKINSON  -  wife Sarah & children Francis & William of Great Longston in parish of Bakewell.
01-02-1748  Frances HOOLM?  -  and wife Mary of Bakewell.
17-07-1749  Mary HOLMS  -  and daughter Hannah of Duffield.
01-3-1751?  John FANTOM  -  wife Elizabeth & children Grace, Elizabeth, Hannah & Mary of Hogniston in the parish of Wirksworth.
12-05-1753  Robert SHAW  -  wife Elizabeth & children George & Dorothy of Matlock.
28-01-1755  William TURNER  -  wife Sarah of Winster removing to Brassington.
15-03-1756  Thomas CARR  -  wife Mary & child Mary of Laughton, West Riding of Yorkshire.
05-01-1756  Ralph EVANS  - wife Jane & children Jacob, Joseph & Ann of Rowsley township.
28-04-1756  Thomas HAWKSMORE  -  and wife Lydia of Elton.
02-03-1756  Anthony BEALEY  -  and children Mary Ann & Sarah of Wirksworth.
03-03-1756  Benjamin BALL  -  and wife Elizabeth of Wirksworth.
21-04-1756  Benjamin MARSDEN  -  wife Grace & son William of Birchover.
04-06-1758  Thomas NEWTON  -  wife Hannah & son Samuel of Bonsall.
31-05-1758  Robert BROOMHEAD  -  wife Mary & sons Thomas & John of Stanton & Birchover.
22-06-1758  John? STEARNDALE  -  barber of All Saints in Borrough of Derby.
05-01-1758  William GELL  -  wife Mary & daughter Mary of Ashborn.
30-03-1758  Ralph MELLOR  -  and wife Margaret of Upper Haddon Hamlet of Derby.
03-01-1758  Daniel FOGG  -  wife Dorothy & daughter Elizabeth of Bakewell.
<no date>    John BARKER  -  wife Elizabeth & children Elizabeth & John of Birchover.
26-12-1758  Joseph MARSDEN  -  wife Ester & daughter Ann an infant of Hamblet of Woodland in parish of Eyam.
08-01-1760  William HARRISON  -  and wife Sarah of Monyash in parish of Bakewell.
26-02-1760  Benjamin STONE  -  wife Elizabeth & daughters Elizabeth, Mary & Ann of Elton.
15-09-1762  John ROEBOTHAM?  -  & wife Sarah of township of Stony Middleton.
13-04-1762  Thomas WALKER  -  wife Alice & children Thomas, Isaac, Jacob & Mary of Wenseley & Snitterton.
03-09-1763  William BIRCH  -  and wife Eve of Ashover.
01-04-1766  Joseph LANT  -  wife Ann & 5 children Thomas, Hannah, Isaac?, Ann & William of Aldwark Hamlet.
18-12-1768  Robert BARKER  -  wife Sarah & 3 children Robert, George & Edmund of Darley.
18-11-1768  Ann DAWSON  -  of Tideswell.
18-12-1768  Edmund BARKER  -  and wife Ellen of Darley.
26-12-1768  Richard STATHAM  -  and wife Florence of Liberty of Southwell & Serdoby?
21-05-1768  Thomas BENNET  -  and wife & children of township of Ilam.
12-02-1769  Bagshaw GREEN  -  wife Hannah and Ann aged about one year of Wirksworth.
24-01-1769  James BOAM?  -  wife Ann & children James & Thomas of Darley.
24-07-1770  Hugh BRITTLEBANK  -  of parish of Heanor.
18-02-1771  William HANLEY  -  wife Elizabeth & children John & Sarah of Liberty of Aldwark.
15-06-1771  Lancelot BEECROFT  -  wife Rebecca & children William, Ann & Lancelot of township of Conistone in Kolttewelldale in Yorkshire.
18-02-1771  Joseph HENLEY?  -  wife Hannah & son George of Brassington.
17-01-1771  John BENNETT  -  and wife Dorothy of parish of Croxden in Stafford.
07-07-1772  John BEARD?  -  taylor, wife Frances & daughter Hanah of Kniveton. <not sure if this entry was John Beard TAYLOR or John BEARD, taylor (tailor)>
21-04-1781  Joseph HARRISON  -  and his children Ann &Adam of Kirkireton, Derby.
09-04-1781  James WHITWORTH  -  labourer, wife Ruth & child Sarah of E...ing in Notts.
16-06-1783  Aaron NEWTON  -  wife Elizabeth & children Isaac 5yrs & Lyddy 2yrs of Darley.
15-05-1786  David SWINSCOW?  -  wife Grace & children Ellen & Henry of Darley.
28-03-1788  Matthew BROCKLEY? -  wife Mary & son Matthew 2yrs of Wensley & Snitterton.
25-03-1790  Cornelius HUNSTON  -  and daughters Ann 19, Mary 12 & son James 15 of Hamlet Ivanbrook Grange.
23-08-1791  Mary BATEMAN  -  together with the child or children with which she is now pregnant, of Bakewell.
27-02-1790  Charles SHELDON  -  and wife Ellen of Youlgreave.
08-04-1792  Abraham BUXTON  -  and wife Fanny of Middleton in parish of Youlgreave.
27-12-1801  Hannah ASHTON  -  & the child or children she now goeth with, of Matlock.
06-01-1805  Hannah ASHTON  -  & child or children of which she is now pregnant of Matlock.
08-12-1812  Elizabeth ALLIN  -  & child or children wherewith she is now pregnant of Wirksworth.
21-12-1813  Mary BELL  -  & the child or children that she now goes with, spinster of Shirland.
17-12-1824  Emma TOWNDROW  -  singlewoman and with child, of Quornden.

End of Winster Settlement Certificates

The Fallen Dead

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.                         Laurence Binyon


The Brave Men of Winster Who Fell in the Great War


From the War Graves Commission WebPage


Arthur BOAM
Lance Corporal
16th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Thursday 20th September 1917.
Cemetery: Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Panel 99 to 102 and 162 to 162A

Lewis Edwin BOAM
10th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Thursday 10th October 1918. Age 26.
Son of George and Jane Boam; husband of Annie Boam, of 31 Appletree Rd., Stanfree, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Born at Winster, Derbyshire
Cemetery: Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, Poland
Grave Reference/Panel Number: II. A. 3.
The city of Poznan is located in the west of Poland, on the main E30/2 road. The cemetery is situated to the north of the town in the district of Winogrady.

1st/5th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Tuesday 24th September 1918. Age 31.
Son of Mrs. Thomas Hodgkinson, of Winster, Derbyshire; husband of Mary Elizabeth Hodgkinson, of 5 Oaker Terrace, Wensley, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Brie British Cemetery, Somme, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: III. B. 5
Location: Brie is a village on the N29 Amiens-St Quentin Rd.

Lewis Marshall BURTON
2nd/7th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Thursday 21st March 1918. Age 31.
Son of Agnes Burton, of Bank Top, Winster, Derbyshire, and the late Thomas Burton.
Cemetery: Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Bay 7
Location: The Arras Memorial is in the Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, which is in the Boulevard du General de Gaulle in the western part of the town of Arras.

22nd Bn., Manchester Regiment
attd. , Royal Munster Fusiliers
who died on
Wednesday 7th January 1920. Age 20.
Son of John and Annie Corless, of Main St., Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Arquata Scrivia Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy
Grave Reference/Panel Number: II. B. 1.
Location: Exit from the A7 motorway at Arquata - Vignole and follow the signs in the direction of Arquata Scrivia.

16th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Sunday 4th June 1916.
Cemetery: Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Panel 87 to 89.
Location: Loos-en-Gohelle is a village about 5 km Nth-west of Lens.

2nd Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Wednesday 18th April 1917. Age 22.
Son of Samuel and Grace Foxlow, of Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Vermelles British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: VI. A. 38.
Location: Vermelles is a village 10 km north-west of Lens.

George William GREGORY
2nd/5th Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
who died on
Saturday 29th September 1917. Age 27.
Son of George and Gertrude Gregory, of West Bank, Winster, Derbyshire. Enlisted Oct., 1914.
Cemetery: Wimereux Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: VI. B. 18.
Location: Wimereux is a town situated about 5 km north of Boulogne.

Robert Anthony NEWTON
1st Reserve Bde., Royal Field Artillery
who died on
Tuesday 4th April 1916.
Cemetery: Winster (St. John The Baptism) Churchyard, Derbyshire, UK
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Near South wall of Church

William Eric NIXON
who died on
Monday 7th May 1917. Age 19.
Son of the Rev. W. H. Nixon, Vicar of Winster, of The Vicarage, Derbyshire
Cemetery: Masny Churchyard, Nord, France

Frederick William ROUSE
10th Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment
who died on
Saturday 16th June 1917. Age 19.
Son of John and Elizabeth Rouse, School Lane, Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Bay 3 and 4
Location: The Arras Memorial is in the Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, which is in the Boulevard du General de Gaulle in the western part of the town of Arras.

Samuel ROUSE
16th Bn., Manchester Regiment
who died on
Sunday 30th July 1916.
Cemetery: Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Pier and Face 13 A and 14 C

Ralph William SHAW
8th Bn., King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
who died on
Saturday 8th December 1917. Age 33.
Son of William and Mary Hannah Shaw, of Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Giavera British Cemetery, Arcade, Italy
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Plot 2. Row B. Grave 2.
Location: The town of Giavera is in the Province of Treviso.

5th Motor Amb. Convoy, Army Service Corps
who died on
Sunday 14th March 1915. Age 24.
Son of George and Phoebe Webb Sibson, of Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Wimereux Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: I. D. 29.
Location: Wimereux is a town situated about 5 km Nth of Boulogne.

Benjamin Hugo HEATHCOTE
116th Bde., Royal Field Artillery
who died on
Thursday 16th November 1916. Age 33.
Son of Eliza Heathcote, of Rose Cottage, Winster, Derbyshire, and the late Samuel Heathcote.
Cemetery: Doiran Memorial, Greece
Location: Near Doiran Military Cemetery, in the north of Greece.

Joseph Edwin NEWTON
1st/6th Bn., Northumberland Fusiliers
who died on
Friday 11th January 1918. Age 24.
Son of Edwin and Mary Newton, of East Bank, Winster, Derbyshire
Cmtry: Lijssenthoek Mltry Cmty, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Grave Reference/Panel Number: xxvi. c. 15a.

Frederick Charles TAYLOR
who died on
Saturday 6th December 1919. Age 37.
Cemetery: Winster (St John the Baptist) Churchyard, Derbyshire
Grave Reference/Panel Number: South of Church.

Joseph Needham WALKER
1st/6th Bn., Royal Warwickshire Regiment
who died on
Saturday 7th April 1917. Age 21.
Son of Joseph and Kate Needham, of East Bank, Winster, Derbyshire.
Cemetery: Bray Military Cemetery, Somme, France
Grave Reference/Panel Number: II. F. 8.
Location: Bray-sur-Somme is a village abt 9 km Sth-East of Albert.

Morgan Scholtock WILLIAMS
201st Reserve M.T. Depot, Army Service Corps
who died on
Thursday 17th May 1917.
Cemetery: Llanrhos (or Eglwyn-Rhos) (SS Eleri & Mary) Churchyard, Carnarvonshire, UK
Grave Reference/Panel Number: II. B. 20.

Removal Orders

Winster Removal Orders 1700-1831

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All removed from Winster unless otherwise stated.

12-12-1700  Richard HARRISON  -  removed to Baslow.
09-05-1716  Elizabeth HILL  -  daughter of Daniel Hill inhabitant of Carsington? aged about 7 years was found vagrant and begging. Daniel has run away so Elizabeth to be taken back to Carsington?
13-04-1719  William SILKSTONE  -  and wife Elizabeth, removed to Wirksworth.
12-07-1722  George SELLARS  -  wife Elizabeth and daughter Grace, removed to Elton.
07-03-1722  William POTTER  -  a bastard child about 9 years old born on the body of Grace Potter now LOXLEY? settled in parish of St Margaret's in the City of Westminster. Mother of bastard child born at Wirksworth, warrant to be removed to said Wirksworth.
28-09-1725  George SIDDELL  -  and his children James, Mary, John, Ann and Ellen, removed to Norton, Derbyshire.
13-12-1732  John PARKER  -  and wife Hannah. Hannah said her said husband was last legally settled in the Hamlet of Manfield in parish of Prestbury, Co Chester, removed to Manfield.
23-05-1735  Anne LYMPTON  -  wife of Thomas soldier. Her husband last legally settled in Winster. To be removed from parish of Barrow Derbyshire to Winster.
16-07-1740  Charles BUTTERWORTH  -  wife Mary and children John, Thomas & Elizabeth. Removed to Liberty of Duckenfield in parish of Stockport, Chester.
23-01-1740  Ann BLACKWELL  -  removed to Breason in the said County (Derbyshire).
16-07-1740  John ABEL  -  wife Ellin and children John, Thomas, William & Hannah, removed to Liberty of Woford in parish of Herne/Sterne? in Staffordshire.
16-07-1740  Mathias MORRIS  -  wife Sarah and child Jane, removed to Stepney in Middlesex.
16-07-1740  Richard MUMFORD  -  wife Mary and children Jonathan & Easter, removed to parish of Wedensbury in Staffordshire.
16-07-1740  John BALL  -  wife Ellin & child Ralph, removed to South Wingfield.
05-07-1740  Jane PARKER  -  removed to Macklesfield in Chester.
17-01-1740  Richard BLACKWELL  -  a bastard child was lately born in Winster on the body of Ann Blackwell who returned immediately after she had been (regularly) removed to Hamlet or parish of Breason Derbyshire where her settlement then was and now is, ??.Winster??. and was soon after delivered there of the said bastard.  Removed said child from Winster to Breason, he was delivered by Chris BAGSHAW on 10 Feb 1740. Ann was also removed and delivered on 12 Aug 1740.
16-07-1740  John GRANGER  -  wife Rebecca and children John and Ann, removed to Horsley in this County.
14-01-1747  Mary MILLINGTON  -  and her daughter Jemima, removed to Ironbrook Grange. <CUNDY crossed out and replaced with MILLINGTON>
00-00-1758  Thomas NEWTON  -  wife Hannah and son Samuel, removed to Bonsall.
16-06-1758  John STEARNDALE  -  removed to All Saints in Derby.
24-04-1758  Rachael BARKER  -  under age of 12 years and Edmund Barker under age of 10 years, children of Edmund & Elizabeth late of Winster, removed to Wensley (children only).
11-10-1768  Joseph & Sarah HAWLEY  -  children of Anthony deceased, removed to Winster from Brassington.
21-01-1769  John STERNDALE  -  and wife Sarah, removed to All Saints in Derby.
18-01-1769  James BOAM  -  wife Ann and children James abt 4 and Thomas abt a ? of a year.
18-05-1769  John FOXLOW  -  removed to Matlock.
17-03-1769  John WILLIES?  -  wife Mary and daughter Hannah 11mths, removed to Winster from Youlgreave.
22-06-1770  Mary HOLBROOK  -  removed to Muginton.
17-11-1770  Elizabeth BENNETT  -  removed to Musdin Grange, Staffordshire.
22-06-1771  Joseph HAWLEY  -  wife Hannah & son John ? of a year old, removed to
17-01-1771  William GAMBLE  -  7 year old son of Hannah Gamble born a bastard in the parish of Saint Chadd in Salop, removed to St Chadd.
17-01-1771  Ann BENNETT  -  removed to parish of Croxden in Staffordshire.
11-04-1771  John HOLMES  -  wife Elizabeth and children Dorothy abt 12, John abt 8, Elizabeth abt 4 and Mary abt 1 year old, removed from Stanton to Winster.
22-04-1771  Lancelot BEAUCROFT  -  wife Rebecca and children William abt 5, Ann abt 1? and Samuel abt 2 mths, removed to Canniston in Yorkshire.
18-02-1771  Anthony FEARN  -  wife Martha and children John, Anthony and Mary, the oldest not more than 7 years old, removed to Callow in Derbyshire.
30-07-1775  Samuel BENNET  -  wife Mary and children Ann 2 and Hannah 2 mths, removed to Allstonefield in Staffordshire.
29-12-1778  Martha ADAMS  -  spinster, daughter of George & Elizabeth from parish of St Mary in town of Nottingham  -  has certificate dated 22 Jan 1736 from town of Winster, to be removed to Winster again.
09-10-1779  Mary TOMLINSON  -  removed to Brassington.
17-01-1780  John WILLIS  -  wife Mary and 4 children, removed from Youlgreave to Winster.
28-12-1780  Elizabeth DONCASTER  -  single woman, removed to Aldwark Grange.
23-03-1781  James WHITWORTH  -  wife Ruth and child Sarah, removed to Akring? Notts.
19-05-1781  Elizabeth STAYLEY  -  single woman, removed to Birchover.
13-02-1787  William APPLEBY  -  wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann, removed from Tissington to Winster.
09-02-1790  Mary ALLEN  -  and daughter Ellen aged 1 year, removed to parish of St Mary in Nottingham.
25-04-1792  Lydia ORME  -  removed to Darley.
28-09-1813  Hannah SHELDON  -  removed from Bonsall to Winster.
03-08-1813  Abigail PLATTS  -  widow and daughter Mary abt 2 yrs 6 mths by her husband William Platts labourer deceased, removed from St Peter in town of Nottingham to Winster.
16-08-1813  Josiah OUNES/ANNES/AIMES? <possibly ORME>  -  removed from Dukinfield to Winster.
31-10-182?  Mary CADMAN  -  removed from Liversedge, West Riding to Winster.  <Martha crossed out and replaced with Mary>
16-04-1825 & 23-08-1825  Mary CADMAN now dead.
04-07-1808  Jeremiah ASHTON  -  wife Ann and sons John 6 and William 4, removed from Duffield to Winster.
01-08-1808  Ann ASHTON  -  wife of Jeremiah delivered to Winster from Duffield.
28-05-1829?  Betty ??..?  -  single woman, removed from Manchester to Winster.
04-07-1829  John TAYLOR  -  wife Martha and children Jane 9, Ellen 4 and Rachael 2, removed from Salford to Winster.
04-02-1829  Joseph MARSDEN  -  wife Harriet and children Susannah abt 5, Mary abt 4 and John abt 14 days old, removed from Radford in County of Nottinghamshire to Winster.
01-01-1829  Daniel WILSON  -  wife Lydia and children Stephen 9, Barbara 7, Alexander 6, Ellen 3 and Harriet 9mths, removed from Belper to Winster.
26-04-1830  Michael HARDY  -  wife Fanny and children Hannah 12, Sarah 10, Mary 8, Elizabeth 6, Anthony 3 and Edward 2 or thereabouts, removed from Bollington to Winster.
28-05-1830  Jemima (the wife of John BOWLER) and their 3 children Mary Ann 6, Hannah 4 and Anthony 2, from Chesterfield to Winster.
08-06-1831  Joseph MARSDEN  -  wife Harriet and children Susannah 7, Mary 5 and John 2, removed from Radford in County of Nottinghamshire to Winster.
28-06-1831  Joseph HORLEY  -  and wife Mary, removed from St Alkmund to Winster.
22-10-1831  Betty STONES  -  single woman, removed from Manchester to Winster.

End of Removal Orders


Winster Indentures of Apprenticeship 1715-1828

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19-12-1715 Robert HAWLEY, aged 14 poor child to Joseph EYRE of Winster until he is 24 years old.

02-03-1721? Ann SHERWIN, poor child to Stephen STAYLEY husbandman of Winster until she is 21 years old.

11-04-1724 Mary TOUFT, to William TAYLOR miner of Eaglestor in parish of Youlgreave, until she is 21 years old.

30-07-1731 Sarah BARKER, poor child to James BOAM until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of houswifery.

13-07-1731 William HARRISON, poor child to James POTTER of Winster until he is 24 years old, in the art of husbandry.

13-07-1731 Mary HARRISON, poor child to John STALEY Snr until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

14-07-1731 Elizabeth BARKER, poor child to Francis BOWER until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of houswifery.

20-04-1734 John EVANS, poor child to John JOHNSON until he is 24 years old, in husbandry.

29-03-1737 Blanding WIBBERLEY, to Joseph HIGGS of Winster until he/she is 21.

03-01-1744 Mary GAMBLE, poor child to John STORER until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

03-01-1744 Martha BADDALEY, to George WOOD of Winster until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of husbandry (sic). <see 5.1.1747>

03-01-1744 Margaret BADDALEY, to William MOORHOUSE until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

05-01-1744 David BLACKWELL, poor child to Joseph BROCKLASS of Winster, until he is 24, in the art of husbandry.

11-12-1744 Benjamin STONE, poor child to Robert MOOR gent until he is 24, in husbandry.

11-12-1744 George HAWLEY, poor child to George NORMAN gent until 24, in husbandry.

11-12-1744 Hannah HAWLEY, poor child to Joseph JAMES until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

28-12-1744 Anthony BLACKWALL, poor child to Stephen STALEY until 24, in husbandry.

28-12-1744 Mary BAGSHAW, to Adam KEELING until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

28-12-1744 Martha DONCASTER, to Robert WOOD until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery. Apprenticeship discharged 1745.

28-12-1744 Arthur HEATHCOTE, to John ROLLAND of Winster until he is 24, in the art of husbandry.

01-01-1747 )Mary BAGSHAW spinster, poor apprentice to Adam KEELING.
01-01-1747 )Discharge Adam KEELING from said apprenticeship.

05-01-1747 Martha BADDALEY, ordered to her master Ralph GOLLEN.

29-08-1747 John CARTLEDGE, to John EVANS Overseer of the Poor of Winster until he is 24, in the art of husbandry.

05-12-1747 Martha or Mary DONCASTER, to Thomas HILL of Winster until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery. <Martha & Mary were used at different times on this document>

05-12-1752 Ellen BADDALEY spinster of Winster 14 years & up, to John DAWSON innholder of Wensley, until she is 21.

29-05-1753 Thomas? HALL son of Nicholas Hall of Winster, to George ALLCOCK in the art of Framework Knitter.

09-07-1753 ?..? ROBERTS, to George TISSINGTON of Winster until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

??-04-17?? Joseph CARDER of Winster, to John CARDER of Matlock in the art of Tailor for 7 years. <possibly 1765 or 1766>

23-06-1766 Sarah STONE, a 11 year old or thereabouts poor child, to William WESTWOOD of Bilston in Staffordshire, toymaker? Until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

29-12-1766 Joseph HALLEY, to Samuel WOODIWISS of Bonsall.

27-10-1770 William HAWLEY son of Elizabeth Hawley widow of Richard Hawley late of Winster, to John OLDFIELD of Ashford in the Water, cordwainer.

22-08-1771 James STALEY, to Richard BOWER of Winster farmer until he is 24, in the art of husbandry.

23-05-1772 Humphrey MARSHALL the Younger of Winster son of Humphrey Marshall of Winster mason, to William ASHBY of Matlock, in the art of Framework knitter for 7 years.

??-06-1773 John BUXTON of Winster, to Humphrey MARSHALL of Winster mason, to learn his art for 7 years.

12-06-1778 Elizabeth DONCASTER, to John CALDWELL butcher of Winster, until she is 21.

12-06-1778 John LONGDEN, to Henry ASHTON grocer of Winster, until he is 21.

12-06-1778 Edward BUNTING, to Jacob MORTON innholder of Winster, for 6 years.

12-06-1778 Sarah BLACKWELL, to William GOODWIN of Winster, until she is 21.He will bring her up in some honest and lawful calling. Mention of a Jacob HALL alias BOWIT.

02-07-1778 William ASHTON, to Thomas PEARCE of Winster, until he is 21.

02-07-1778 Hannah BLACKWELL, to John DURDEN of Winster until she is 21.

02-07-1778 Benjamin LONGDEN, to Reverend Mr MASON of Winster, until he is 21.

02-07-1778 William ROBERTS, to William CLARK shopkeeper of Winster.

15-07-1778 James HAWKSWORTH, to Elijah WILDGOOSE of Farley in parish of Darley, until he is 24.

06-08-1778 Eve ROBERTS, to John WILSON innholder of Winster, until she is 21 or the day of her marriage, in the art of housewifery.

03-12-1778 <name left blank>, to Mr James SWETNAM of Winster.

25-11-1786 Joseph ROBERTS son of George Roberts late of Winster miner deceased, to George BEARDMORE? miller? of North Wingfield, for 7 years.

31-07-1789 Elizabeth HARTLE, to Francis BRITTLEBANK victualler of Winster, until 21.

01-04-1790 Ann HARTLE, to John BATEMAN shopkeeper of Winster, until she is 21.

01-04-1790 Richard STONE, to George HAYNE farmer of Winster, until he is 21.

??-2-1793 Robert STADON, to Thomas LONGDEN Framework Knitter of Ashfield, until 21.

Church Wardens - Thomas ALLEN, Thomas RAWORTH, Henry WOOLLEY, William FOWLOW and Thomas LONGDIN.

??-04-1793 David HARTLE, to George REDFEARN of Ashford in parish of Bakewell, in the art or trade of Framework Knitter, until he is 21.

13-09-1793 John ????, to George REDFEARN in art of Framework Knitter.

Chapel Wardens - Henry ASHTON, William ALSOP, George BLACKWELL, George STALEY.

03-03-1794 John BRADLEY, to Thomas LONGDEN frameknitter of Ashford, until he is 21.

03-03-1794 William BRADLEY, to Thomas LONGDEN also.

02-09-1794 Jacob HALL, to Samuel WOODIWISS ropemaker and flaxdresser of Bonsal, until he is 21.

Chapel Wardens - Henry ASHTON, Richard ROBERTS, James HOLMES, William LONGDEN.

10-04-1795 William BLACKWELL, to Abraham SHELDON carpenter of Bakewell, until 21.

09-09-1795 Abraham CADMAN aged 12 years, to William PRIEST cutler of Whitelywood in parish of Sheffield in County of York, until he is 21.

03-07-1798 William BATEMAN age 9 years, to James HENSTOCK tailor of Bonsall, until 21.

12-10-1799 James HAWLEY aged 10 years, to John BERRISFORD weaver of Bonsal.

10-09-1800 Sarah HALL, to James HAIGH fustian weaver of Old..? Lancashire, until she is 21 and to pay said apprentice sum of 3 shillings yearly.

21-09-1800 Roger STONE aged 11 years, to George ASHTON stock grinder of Sheffield, until he is 21.

25-02-1801 Maria PRIME aged 14 years, to Thomas CUNDY framework knitter of Bakewell, until she is 21.

All of the following girls go to Messrs Henry WOOLLEY and MacQUEEN? of Matlock, until they are 21 or day of marriage, in the art of cotton spinner.

05-05-1802 Sarah BATEMAN aged 14 years.
05-05-1802 Ann BATEMAN aged 10 years.
05-05-1802 Hannah FROST? aged 13? years.
05-05-1802 Mary FROST aged 12 years.
05-05-1802 Mariah CADMAN aged 14 years.
05-05-1802 Sarah CADMAN aged 12 years.
05-05-1802 Hannah SAVAGE aged 13 years.

19-04-1804 John WHEELDON aged 12 years, to Robert BRADLEY of Chesterfield Derbyshire, until he is 21 in the art of Framework Knitter.

22-01-1805 Thomas WILLIS aged 11 years, to Thomas MATHER weaver of Bonsal, until 21.

17-10-1809 Ann BRADLEY aged 13 years, to Thomas GIBBS weaver of Allstonefield in Staffordshire, until she is 21 or day of marriage.

17-10-1809 Ann BATEMAN aged 14 years, also to Thomas GIBBS weaver.

03-04-1810 Samuel BOTT aged 9 years, to Joshua JOHNSON of Matlock.

18-11-1811 James BOTT aged 8 years son of Hannah of Winster widow, to Joseph BLACKWELL farmer of Winster.

18-12-1812 Henry WILDE aged 15 years, to George HAGUE farmer, until he is 21, and to be paid ?2.10/- in hand.

Church Warden - William ASHTON; Overseers of the Poor - Benjamin MARSDEN and Joseph TAYLOR.

10-08-1813 James ORME aged 9 years son of William rag gatherer of Winster, to William JACKSON of Tunstead? in Liberty of Ironbrook Grange, until 21, in art of good husbandry.

31-08-1813 John WILD aged 13 years son of Dorothy Wild of Winster widow, to Josiah RAINES farmer of Ironbrook Grange, in the art of good husbandry.

Overseers of the Poor - Joseph BLACKWELL and Joseph BATEMAN.

12-01-1822 George ALLEN 14 year old son of Hannah BULLOCK of Winster, to Jonathan BARKER tailor of Winster until he is 21.

Overseers of the Poor - George WAGSTAFF, Joseph BLACKWELL, Ralph TOPLIS, Henry WOOLLEY.

12-02-1822 Thomas ASHTON 10 year old son of Hannah ASHTON widow of Winster, to William MARSHALL tailor of Winster until he is 21.

12-02-1822 William ALLEN 12 year old son of Hannah BULLOCK, to Thomas RAWORTH saddler of Winster, until he is 21.

01-01-1825 James ORME 9 year old illegitimate son of Hannah ORME, to Messrs Cooper, Mutchell, Waterfield & Co of Woodeaves in Tissington, in the art of cotton spinner until he is 21. To be paid ?3 of lawful English money to them immediately after execution of said apprenticeship.

13-09-1825 John ALLEN 11 years old, to George LOMAS tailor of Winster until he is 21.

07-03-1828 Henry BRITTLEBANK 11 years old, to William ASHTON cordwainer of Winster.

07-03-1828 Charles HILL 12 years old, to James BATEMAN cordwainer of Winster.

Apprenticeship Register 1804-1828

Date-Name-Age-Parents-Address-Master Address Occupation-Length of Apprenticeship

19-04-1804 John Wheeldon 14 George Wheeldon Chesterfield Robert Bradley Chesterfield framework knitter until 21.

22-01-1805 Thomas Willis 11 Charles Willis Winster Thomas Mathis Bonsal weaver 9 years.

17-10-1809 Ann Bateman 14 -- -- Thomas Gibbs Allstonefield weaver until 21 or marriage.

17-10-1809 Ann Bradley 13 -- -- Thomas Gills Allstonefield weaver until 21 or marriage.

30-04-1809 Samuel Bott 9 -- -- Joshua Johnson Matlock framework knitter until 21.

05-11-1811 James Bott 8 Hannah Bott Winster Joseph Blackwell Winster farmer until 21.

18-12-1812 Henry Wilde 15 Dorothy Cliff Winster George Hague Winster farmer until 21.

10-08-1813 James Orme 9 William Orme Winster William Jackson Ironbrook Grange farmer until 21.

31-08-1813 John Wild 13 Dorothy Wild Winster Josiah Raines Ironbrook Grange farmer until 21.

12-02-1822 William Allen 12 Hannah Bullock Winster Thomas Raworth Winster saddler until 21.

12-02-1822 George Allen 14 Hannah Bullock Winster Jonathan Barker Winster tailor until 21.

12-02-1822 Thomas Ashton 10 Hannah Ashton Winster William Marshall Winster tailor until 21.

12-02-1822 Samuel Ashton 10 Hannah Ashton Winster William Hill Winster weaver until 21.

01-01-1825 James Orme 9 Hannah Orme Winster Cooper etc Tissington cotton spinner until 21.

13-02-1825 John Allen 11 Hannah Bullock late Allen Winster George Lomas Winster tailor until 21.

07-03-1828 Henry Brittlebank 11 Esther Bartholomew late Brittlebank Manchester William Ashton Winster cordwainer until 21

07-03-1828 Charles Hill 12 Elizabeth Brough late Hill Macclesfield James Bateman Winster cordwainer until 21.

End of Register