23 May 2009

Will Abstracts #1

ALLIN, Thomas of Winster, 1765.
Daughter Ann, son-in-law James.

ASHTON, William of Winster, 4 Sep 1839.
Small bequest to Mary (William's grand-daughter) the daughter of William Bateman. Residue of estate to his son George. Signed &
sealed in presence of George Lomas, Edward Wilson, George Wagstaff. Probate: 11 Oct 1839

BATEMAN, Joseph butcher de Winster, 30 Mar 1829
Sons Hugh, Thomas (butcher), John, Benjamin & Joseph.
Daughters Ann wife of John Boam, Elizabeth widow of Nathaniel Prime, Martha & Hannah. Executors: George Wagstaff & son Thomas Bateman.
Witnesses: Josiah Wagstaff, John Wagstaff & Josiah Wilde. Probate: 16 Dec 1829.

BLACKWELL, Ephraim - of Winster. Died intestate.
His goods, chattels & credits to his daughter & next of kin Hannah Stone wife of James Stone. Signed & sealed in presence of:
James Stone, Henry Bradley and Joseph Ashton. [Admin. 21 Mar 1798]

BLACKWELL, George yeoman of Winster, 14 Dec 1801.
As well as in Winster George also leased land & premises from the Corporation of Etwall and Repton. Beneficiaries: wife Hannah;
grand-daughter Sarah (under 21) daughter of James Jackson; three sons Richard, John & Joseph; natural son Robert Roper otherwise Blackwell. Signed & sealed in presence of: James Boam, William Ashton & George William Greaves Attorney of Winster. Probate 22 Apr 1802

BLACKWELL, John - yeoman of Winster, 2 Dec 1820
Beneficiaries: son Samuel, daughters - Mary wife of John Bateman, Ellen wife of John Barnes, Sarah wife of Charles Holmes,
son Richard and grandson Joseph Blackwell (son of son John). Will mentions leased land from the Trustees of the Corporation of Etwell & Repton. Executors: Thomas Raworth saddler of Winster and son-in-law John Barnes. Signed & sealed in the presence of: George Bradley & Richard Roberts. Probate Chesterfield 26 Apr 1821; before Samuel Grundy Surrogate. Effects less than £100.

BLACKWELL, Richard - yeoman of Winster, 14 Aug 1803.
Beneficiaries: brothers Joseph & John Blackwell. Signed & sealed in presence of: James Jackson, Abraham Goite and George
William Greaves Attorney of Winster. Probate: 10 Dec 1803

BLACKWELL, Thomas, miner of Winster, 1 Jul 1664.
Wife Margarett. Sons Ephraim, George & John. Grandson George Blackwall.
Anthoine Mather of Bontishall and my son Ephraim sole executors. Probate: 7 Sep 1664.

BLACKWELL, Richard - widowed farmer of Winster. Died intestate 24 Dec 1832.
His goods, chattels & credits to son Joseph. Signed and sworn by: Joseph Blackwell of Winster, Samuel Blackwell miner of
Winster, Joseph Wilson the younger, joiner of Winster. Admin: 15 Mar 1839

BLACKWELL, Joseph - farmer of Winster. Died 4 Apr 1843.
Executors signing oath Hannah Blackwell and Joseph Cocker.
Beneficiaries: wife; grandson Joseph (under 24 years) son of the late Richard Blackwell of Winster; daughter-in-law Mary Blackwell
widow of the late Richard; Joseph Blackwell son of nephew John Blackwell; grand-daughter Hannah the wife of Joseph Wilson nephew James Jackson.  Joseph nominated as his executors his wife and Jonathan Cocker of Manchester [note that it is Jonathan although it was Joseph Cocker who eventually signed the Oath after Joseph died]. Signed & sealed in presence of: Ann Wagstaff , Hugh Bateman and George Wagstaff.  Probate: 2 Sep 1843.

BLACKWELL, Robert  -  miner of Winster, dated 15 Feb 1704/5.
Sisters-in-law Ann & Elizabeth Wheeldon, daughters of George Wheeldon of Elton. Cousin Richard Blackwell. Probate: April 1705

BLACKWELL, Richard of Middleton by Youlgreave, daged 1 Feb 1723.
Son Davinport 1/-, son Cornelius £30, daughter Lidia 4/- all to be paid by my executor. Son Richard all the rest of estate both real & personal, chattles & goods, Richard executor of my will. Signed in the presence of Easter
Sheldon, Richard Ensor, John Wynt. Probate: 3 Oct 1728.

BOAME, Hugh of Darley Dale, 1753.
Daughters Ann & Elizabeth; property in Brampton.

BRADLEY, George of Birchover in parish of Youlgreave, yeoman, 28 Dec 1725.
Daughter Mary Robinson. SiL Thomas Smith & wife Margrett & 3 children.
Josefeth Bradley my kinsman?
Son Henry, youngest son George & daughters Elizabeth & Ann.
Brother Henry Bradley.
Signed in the presence of John Dakin, George Bradley, Henery Hunstone & George Dalle?. Probate: 11 Apr 1728.

BRIDDON, John of Youlgreave, no will  -  administration only.
His mother is Maria Bowman alias Briddon wife of Henry Bowman.
Signed by Henry Bowman, Maria Prime, Thomas & Sarah Johnson, George Tomlinson & Gulielmi Woodward. Probate: 1 Feb 1728.



HAWLEY, Richard of Winster, 1730.
Wife Rachael & children.

HINCH, Philippi of Matlock, 10 Jan 1732/3.
Son Joseph only 1/-, I have given him his fortune before.
Son William if ever he returns again £100 & if he doesn't the money to be shared amongst the children of my son George & sons-in-law
William Twigg & James Wright. Son George £5 a year or if he dies to his wife & £100 to his children.
Son Philip £100 when he attains the age of 21.
SIL James Wright the house wherein he does inhabit & dwell together with the shop, stables, outhousing, baibride?, garden & all
appurtances until their demise & after to their son William & if he dies to his brother James.
SIL William Twigg £100 & after his decease to be divided amongst his children.
BsIL Joseph & Cornelius Hughson 1 guinea each.
Wife Hannah & two SsIL all my real estate, shares, possessions etc, divided equally. Wife to get household goods, furniture,
husbandry etc but if she remarries & changes her name she be debarred from all legacies.
Daughter Elizabeth Twigg.

HODGKINSON, William of Winster, 1762.
Son William, brother John, daughters Margaret, Ellen & Mary.
Wife Ellen & Wm half share each in the Orchard Lead Mine & farm.

JACKSON, James of Winster, miner, 10 Nov 1770.
Wife Mary. Witnesses George Charlesworth, Nicholas Hartle, G Goodwin. Probate: 15 Oct 1783 at Upton Hall.

JOHNSON, Roberti of Yolgreave. Died intestate on 21 Apr 1734.  Condition of obligation to Rachael Johnson 8 Nov 1734 at Chesterfield.

LOMAS, George, Winster, tailor. Died 2 Feb 1867, to widow Elizabeth Lomas.

LOMAS, Edward, of Winster, tailor. Died 1 Dec 1898.  To Rev William Henry Nixon, Ralph Staley Rains & Elizabeth Lomas, widow.

LONGDEN, Hannah (relict of Richard) of Stapelwood, Youlgreave, late of Gratton, widow, 15 Dec 1729.
Eldest son Richard, sons Henry & Humphrey.
Daughter Hannah now wife of Samuel Marshal.
Daughter Anne now wife of Richard Webster. Probate: 2 Nov 1733.

LOW, William of Bonsall, carpenter, 13 Jan 1732/3.
Wife Mary; son Thomas; daughter Mary; father Thomas Tarrant. Probate: 18 May 1733.

MARSDEN, John - husbandman of Eaglestor parish of Youlgreave, 22 Jul 1778.
Son John west end of house plus adjoining barn possession of farm rented from Madam Jolly; son Richard east end of house plus
piece of land called Eady Wrights Garden bought from Jonathan Gregory; sons-in-law William Robinson and Thomas Rouse house in Winster; daughters Mary & Elizabeth.  Witnesses: Robert Marsden, Jonathan Marsdin, John Walker. Died Sept 1778.

MARSDEN, John - miner of Eaglestor parish of Youlgreave, 19 Apr 1808.
Wife Elizabeth cottage or dwelling tenement at Eaglestor plus stable and chamber adjoining west end of dwelling tenement at
Eaglestor; eldest son John; youngest son George; brother Richard.
Witnesses: Henry Bradley, John Heathcote, James Hancock.
Under £100. Died Apr 1808. Probate: 14 Oct 1808

MARSDEN, Jonathan - cordwainer of Winster, 5 Feb 1819.
Estate to William Smith of Painters Way, Winster, yeoman to sell at auction and money raised used to set up trust; mother Mary
Broom money from trust; sister Elizabeth Nelson.
Witnesses: William Cuddie, William Foxlow, Arthur Towndrow.
Under £20. Died 20 Apr 1819. Probate Bakewell 23 June 1819.

MARSDEN, Benjamin - yeoman of Winster, 30 Dec 1827.
Brother Thomas deceased; brother William £30 over what is owed; brother Richard  £19-15s-0d over what is owed; brother Matthew
rest of estate; sister Sarah Allen £19-3s-0d over what is owed; Anthony Holmes son of Catherine Holmes daughter of Richard Marsden; others Ann Marsden daughter of nephew Benjamin Marsden.
Witnesses James Allen, James Gregory, Arthur Towndrow. Died 7 Mar 1828. £200.
Probate: 24 Apr 1828 Chesterfield.

MARSDEN, Richard - farmer of Birchover, 11 May 1831.
Son Samuel tenency of farm at Birchover; daughter Elizabeth Gregory widow of James Gregory land called Waste Close at Winster
purchased by Richard of Samuel; Priscilla wife of Joseph Gregory miner of Birchover £55; daughter Mary wife of Matthew Marsden £10 plus a further £10; daughter Hannah Needham messuage in two dwellings at Ecclestor; son Jonathan Marsden £40; granddaughter Sarah Peat £10; daughter Ruth Skinner £50 with husband having no control over money. Samuel's uncle Jonathan Twigge deceased. Witnesses: Esther Brittlebank, Andrew Brittlebank Atty Winster, Gentleman John Fearns of Birchover. Under £300. Died 9 June 1831. Probate 20 Mar 1832.

MARSDEN, John Snr - miner of Eaglestor parish of Youlgreave, 5 Jan 1832.
Wife Esther all houses and lands; son John north end of house plus garden; son Solomon £10; son Benjamin £10; son Joseph south end
of dwelling house with remaining garden, stable piggeries and land called Dam Croft, house at Wensley.
Witnesses: George Robinson, James Bradley, George Marsden. Under £100. Died 28 May 1840. Probate: 15 Oct 1840 Chesterfield.

MARSDEN, Jane - of Birchover.
Husband William Marsden.
Clerks: Benjamin Pidcock, Walter Shirley.
Under £50. Died 7 Dec 1828.
Probate: 16 Dec 1829.

MARSDEN, George - miner of Stanton Hillside parish of Youlgreave, 9 May 1848.
Wife Alice dwelling house; son John.
Witnesses George Allen of Winster George Gregory.
Under £20. Died 31 May 1848. Probate: 12 Oct 1848.

MARSHALL, Ralph of Gratton, 7 Jun 1648, buried Youlgreave?
Wife Ellen. Servants John Bradley, William Marshall & <illegible>.

NEEDHAM, Anthony of Youlgreave late of Winster, yeoman, 31 Dec 1647
Wife Jane of Winster, vidua. Probate: 22 Mar 1647/8.

NEEDHAM, Edward of Bonsall, yeoman, 20 Aug 1675
Son Adam 12 pence
Daughter Mary Holehouse, wife of James, one cottage house situated in Bonsall now in occupancy of said James and one garden
adjoyning to the land of Edward Smedley. Their son John, daughters Mary & Sarah Holehouse 12d each.
The rest of my estate including garden, barns, stables and land in a place called 'Ivyhurst' in Bonsall to my son George.
Witnesses: Margaret Bestall, James Woodiwis.

NEEDHAM, George of Youlgreave, 17 Apr 1648
Wife Mary
Brother John Needham of Youlgreave
Sister in Law Anne Mos...?
Nephew George Roberts?
Servant Anne ..thro...?
George Woodroose?
George .....?, godson
Francis Harrison?
Probate: 22 Nov 1648

PARKER, Ellen of Winster, 29 Aug 1675
Son & heir Francis one shilling
Daughter Elizabeth one half of all goods
Son John & daughter Mary the other half to be shared equally
John & Elizabeth sole executors.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Blackwall, John Slator.
Probate: Chesterfield 20 Oct 1675.

POYSER, Elizabeth of Stanton in Staffordshire, 26 Dec 167?
Sons John, Thomas, Godfrey & Christopher
Daughters Margarett, Elizabeth, Anne
Daughter Alice Smith.
Grand-daughter, daughter of Christopher.

PRINCE, John - quarry owner & stone merchant of Stanton in Peak, 16 Sep 1902.
Wife Mary house, garden & cottage attached incl furnishings; house in Winster in process of erection (& land conveyed to me by my
daughter Mary Taylor) to Trustees  -  Mary Prince to receive rent, on her death to Mary Taylor; £3000 in trust, income to be paid to Mary Taylor after death of Mary Prince; investments (particularly those in John Prince & Co) to be retained in Trust; residue to son Wm. Executors: wife Mary Prince, son William Prince and friend Henry Taylor.  Probate: Derby 22 May 1903.

RAGGE, John of Bonsall, yeoman. 20 Feb 1674
Wife Lucy, one cow and one part of my house called Neather Parlour.
Daughter Margaret, wife of Robert Hawley of Winster 5/-
Ralph son of Robert 20/-
Mary & Elizabeth daughters of Robert 20/-
Son John, the rest of my estate, goods, chattels, houses, lands & tenements. Probate: 7 May 1675.

REYNES otherwise ELLIOT, Anthony of Winster, 11 Jun 1675
Wife Margaret, my house in Winster & on her decease to son Robert
Son Robert 1/-
Sons William & Anthony
Daughter Mary
Probate: 20 Oct 1675.

ROBINSON alias CLARKE, George of Youlgreave, 23 Jun 1675
Youngest son? Nicholas the remainder of my apparell after debts.
Pay John Goodwin the debt I owe him & all my debts pay'd which I fear my goods will not extend to. Probate: 23 Nov 1675.

SHELDON, Hugo, yeoman of the Well in Youlgreave, 14 Apr 1809
Oldest son John £500
Daughter Ruth wife of Thomas Gregory £125
Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Blore £230
Son Richard, the rest
Sole Executor: Richard Sheldon, son
Witnesses: John Bowman, Henry Bowman, John Frith. Probate: 31 Mar 1810

SHELDON, William of Slayley in Bonsall, miner, 30 Mar 1810
Wife Grace
Son in Law Samuel Brooks
Son John Sheldon
£50 a piece to five daughters, Grace Brooks, Dorothy Dale, Luanda, Ruth & Hannah Sheldon. Probate: 18 Oct 1810

SMITH, Johis: of Elton, miner, died 26 Jun 1810, will dated 25 Jun 1810
Wife Hannah
Daughter Hannah Dakin wife of John
Brother Henry Smith
Witnesses: Cornelius & Henry Smith, Andrew Brittlebank. Probate: 1 Aug 1810

SMITH, Mathew of Youlgreave, 18 Nov 1663
Daughters: Elizabeth Swindell, Mary Newton, Grace Ash, Jane Smith (youngest).
Son-in-law John Wardlow. Inventory signed by Geroge Ash of Cramton? & George Swindell of Youlgreave. Probate: 17 Feb 1663/4.

SMITH, William of Wirksworth, 28 Nov 1663
Wife Mary. Brothers: Michael, Thomas, Edward & William?. Probate: 11 Jan 1663/4.

SPENSER, William, butcher, late of Wirksworth, 22 Apr 1729
Elizabeth vidua
Daughter Rineche?

STALEY, Francis of Winster, miner, 30 Sep 1671
Wife Mary (Fanny? daughter crossed out)
Daughter Jane & her lawfully begotten heirs, for want of heirs then to William Blackwell & his heirs.
Grandchild Thomas Staley.
Daughter Mary Blackwell.
Ephraim Blackwell & his son William.
Signed in the presence of Henry Blackwall and John Slater. Probate: 12 Dec 1671.

STALEY, George de Winster, miner, 10 Jul 1806
Wife Jane
George signed his name. Probate: 12 Apr 1810

STALEY, Jane de Winster, 9 Jun 1810
Wife & relict of George late of Winster
Nephew George Howsley of Stanton Lees, Birchover Edge Close now in the occupation of Benjamin or William Marsden.
Nephew William Platts of Nottingham, bookkeeper (or beekeeper?)
Daughter of George is Jane an infant.
Kinsman William Rains of Winster, blacksmith
My late husband's neices & nephews
- Hannah Staley spinster now or late of Stockport Cheshire
- Esther Staley of same place
- William Staley of Winster, miner
- Hannah Charlesworth wife of William of Winster, miner
- Elizabeth wife of Robert Rains of Winster, miner
- Mary wife of James Bateman of Winster
- Stephen Staley of Codnor, blacksmith
- Thomas Staley the Elder of Butterley in Derby, overseer
- Ralph Staley of Winster, miner
- William Staley of Winster, innkeeper, in trust for his son George an infant.
Executors: George Howsley & William Rains. Probate: 18 Oct 1810 Chesterfield.

STALEY, John of Winster, 22 Jan 1647/8
My natural mother her bed wherein she lyeth.
Brother Thomas Staley, ? and ? ewes?
Brother Richard Staley.
Brother Ralph? Staley
Francis Staley child
Edward or Edmund Staley child
Ellen Stone child
George Evans
Son John Staley and eldest son Thomas Staley
Daughter Elizabeth Staley when age of 6 & 20
Wife Joanne
Executor: Brother Francis Staley. Probate: 7 Jun 1648

STALEY, Johis of Chesterfield, 24 Apr 1729
Martha widow
Daughter Mary

STALEY, Maria of Winster, inventory of goods & chattells of Mary Staley, 6 Mar 1728/9.
Will of Mary widow of Winster, 28 Feb 1728/9
Daughter Ellen Wallwin wife of Thomas of Elton £20
2 granddaughters Mary & Jane Beastall, daughters of Joseph of Chesterfield, £10 a piece
2 grandchildren Joseph & Hannah Buxton, children of John of ?, £10 each
Daughters Ellen Wallwin, Jane Beastall & Mary Buxton to get three feather beds
Son Francis £4 & interest to me from John Oliver
Sons Stephen & others to get the rest
Executors: Stephen & Francis Staley.
Witnesses: Joseph Eyre & William Woolley & Henry James. Probate: 24 Apr 1729.

STALEY, Ralph, late of Winster, no will, administration only. 16 Nov 1687.
Joanna Staley de Winster Eris. Ra...n Staley. Inventory signed by Stephen Staley, Robert Moore & John Slater. £44.10.6d.

STALEY, Stephen of Winster, yeoman, 9 Aug 1725.
Wife Mary & son Stephen, land in Winster called Nineroods plus land in town fields of Winster called The Meadows.
Daniel, son of Edward Staley deceased, house & garden lying in Winster now in occupation of John Barker & to his heirs but for want
of such heirs to return to my son Stephen.
Son Francis, house now occuped by Ellin Staley, widow, plus edifice or building lying in Winster in John Parker's fold plus land in
Winster known as Brackemasheat plus 1½ acres called Noshern Furlong plus land in tenure of Daniel Staley, plus 2 parcels of land called the Further of Neather Heathspols? plus land called Shoothers Greaves & now in possession of Jane Buxton, widow, and the barn plus land called the Neessells in tenure of Thomas Sellors plus tenements in Libert of Wensley under the worshipful Sir John Harpur, Baronett.
Daughter Mary wife of John Buxton
Executors: Stephen & Francis Staley. Witnesses: John Baddeley, Joseph Eyre & Daniel Hough. Probate: 24 Apr 1729 Chesterfield.

STALEY, William of Elton, 11 Jul 1664
Wife Elizabeth; eldest son Thomas; 2nd son Robert; 3rd son William; 4th son John; daughter Elizabeth. Signed in the presence of
Christopher Winster?, Thomas & Richard Staley, Robert Hawley. Inventory signed by Thomas Staley, George Hawley and John Stone. Probate: 19 Oct 1664.

STEVENSON, John of Stanton Lees, farmer, 16 Oct 1807
Sons John, William & Francis
Daughter Mary wife of Anthony Holmes of Stanton Lees
Sarah Wain of Stanton Lees
Executors: Francis & Anthony Holmes. Probate: 18 Oct 1810

STONE, Matthew de Snitterton in parish of Darley, tobber?, 18 Oct 1810.
Wife Rebecca
Brother Benjamin Stone of Winster, surgeon
Roger Cotterill of Snitterton, victualler
Nephew Benjamin Sellors who has lived with me from his infancy (under 21).
Neices & nephews, children of brother Joseph. Probate: 21 Oct 1809

TWIGG, Ann of Winster 1807.
Great nephew James Ashton.

TWIGG, Jonathan of Birchover 1803.
Brother William, daughter Priscilla, son-in-law Richard Marsden.

TWIGG, William of Birchover 1717.
Sons John & Jonathan, daughters Jane, Mary Johnson, wife Jane, father George.

TWIGG, William of Birchover 1763.
Sons Samuel, John, William. Daughters Elizabeth Marsden, Mary Jackson, Hannah Allen, Sarah Spencer, Ellen Newton.

WAIN, Joseph of Coombes Farm, Bakewell 13 Jun 1894.
Sons Joseph Millington, George, William, Sampson. Daughters Jane, Elizabeth Bowman, Sarah Ann Dakin. Mentioned a legacy under
the will of the late Mr Thomas Marsden of Dowall.

WAIN, Joseph Millington of Wensley Hall, 1898.
Late father Joseph. Brothers Sampson, William & George. Sisters Jane Ann Bowman wife of Henry; Elizabeth Bowman wife of Sidney;
Sarah Ann Dakin. Jane Ann's daughter Mary Elizabeth Wallwin wife of Josiah. Elizabeth's daughter Edith Bowman. Sarah Ann's son Joseph Dakin.
Housekeeper Hannah Lomas and her daughter Mary Elizabeth.
Tenants: Joseph Flewitt, George Smith & Henry Ellis.

WAIN, William of Wensley Hall, 1894.
Brothers Joseph & Sampson Wain, nephews Joseph Millington & William sons of Joseph. Late Uncle Joseph Millington of Harthill
Moor. Godson Samuel Heathcote son of Joseph of Birchover. Friend Henry Charles Heathcote of Winster.
Old servants Hannah and her daughter Mary Elizabeth Lomas. Legacy from the late Thomas Marsden of Dowall.


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