28 May 2009

Removal Orders

Winster Removal Orders 1700-1831

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All removed from Winster unless otherwise stated.

12-12-1700  Richard HARRISON  -  removed to Baslow.
09-05-1716  Elizabeth HILL  -  daughter of Daniel Hill inhabitant of Carsington? aged about 7 years was found vagrant and begging. Daniel has run away so Elizabeth to be taken back to Carsington?
13-04-1719  William SILKSTONE  -  and wife Elizabeth, removed to Wirksworth.
12-07-1722  George SELLARS  -  wife Elizabeth and daughter Grace, removed to Elton.
07-03-1722  William POTTER  -  a bastard child about 9 years old born on the body of Grace Potter now LOXLEY? settled in parish of St Margaret's in the City of Westminster. Mother of bastard child born at Wirksworth, warrant to be removed to said Wirksworth.
28-09-1725  George SIDDELL  -  and his children James, Mary, John, Ann and Ellen, removed to Norton, Derbyshire.
13-12-1732  John PARKER  -  and wife Hannah. Hannah said her said husband was last legally settled in the Hamlet of Manfield in parish of Prestbury, Co Chester, removed to Manfield.
23-05-1735  Anne LYMPTON  -  wife of Thomas soldier. Her husband last legally settled in Winster. To be removed from parish of Barrow Derbyshire to Winster.
16-07-1740  Charles BUTTERWORTH  -  wife Mary and children John, Thomas & Elizabeth. Removed to Liberty of Duckenfield in parish of Stockport, Chester.
23-01-1740  Ann BLACKWELL  -  removed to Breason in the said County (Derbyshire).
16-07-1740  John ABEL  -  wife Ellin and children John, Thomas, William & Hannah, removed to Liberty of Woford in parish of Herne/Sterne? in Staffordshire.
16-07-1740  Mathias MORRIS  -  wife Sarah and child Jane, removed to Stepney in Middlesex.
16-07-1740  Richard MUMFORD  -  wife Mary and children Jonathan & Easter, removed to parish of Wedensbury in Staffordshire.
16-07-1740  John BALL  -  wife Ellin & child Ralph, removed to South Wingfield.
05-07-1740  Jane PARKER  -  removed to Macklesfield in Chester.
17-01-1740  Richard BLACKWELL  -  a bastard child was lately born in Winster on the body of Ann Blackwell who returned immediately after she had been (regularly) removed to Hamlet or parish of Breason Derbyshire where her settlement then was and now is, ??.Winster??. and was soon after delivered there of the said bastard.  Removed said child from Winster to Breason, he was delivered by Chris BAGSHAW on 10 Feb 1740. Ann was also removed and delivered on 12 Aug 1740.
16-07-1740  John GRANGER  -  wife Rebecca and children John and Ann, removed to Horsley in this County.
14-01-1747  Mary MILLINGTON  -  and her daughter Jemima, removed to Ironbrook Grange. <CUNDY crossed out and replaced with MILLINGTON>
00-00-1758  Thomas NEWTON  -  wife Hannah and son Samuel, removed to Bonsall.
16-06-1758  John STEARNDALE  -  removed to All Saints in Derby.
24-04-1758  Rachael BARKER  -  under age of 12 years and Edmund Barker under age of 10 years, children of Edmund & Elizabeth late of Winster, removed to Wensley (children only).
11-10-1768  Joseph & Sarah HAWLEY  -  children of Anthony deceased, removed to Winster from Brassington.
21-01-1769  John STERNDALE  -  and wife Sarah, removed to All Saints in Derby.
18-01-1769  James BOAM  -  wife Ann and children James abt 4 and Thomas abt a ? of a year.
18-05-1769  John FOXLOW  -  removed to Matlock.
17-03-1769  John WILLIES?  -  wife Mary and daughter Hannah 11mths, removed to Winster from Youlgreave.
22-06-1770  Mary HOLBROOK  -  removed to Muginton.
17-11-1770  Elizabeth BENNETT  -  removed to Musdin Grange, Staffordshire.
22-06-1771  Joseph HAWLEY  -  wife Hannah & son John ? of a year old, removed to
17-01-1771  William GAMBLE  -  7 year old son of Hannah Gamble born a bastard in the parish of Saint Chadd in Salop, removed to St Chadd.
17-01-1771  Ann BENNETT  -  removed to parish of Croxden in Staffordshire.
11-04-1771  John HOLMES  -  wife Elizabeth and children Dorothy abt 12, John abt 8, Elizabeth abt 4 and Mary abt 1 year old, removed from Stanton to Winster.
22-04-1771  Lancelot BEAUCROFT  -  wife Rebecca and children William abt 5, Ann abt 1? and Samuel abt 2 mths, removed to Canniston in Yorkshire.
18-02-1771  Anthony FEARN  -  wife Martha and children John, Anthony and Mary, the oldest not more than 7 years old, removed to Callow in Derbyshire.
30-07-1775  Samuel BENNET  -  wife Mary and children Ann 2 and Hannah 2 mths, removed to Allstonefield in Staffordshire.
29-12-1778  Martha ADAMS  -  spinster, daughter of George & Elizabeth from parish of St Mary in town of Nottingham  -  has certificate dated 22 Jan 1736 from town of Winster, to be removed to Winster again.
09-10-1779  Mary TOMLINSON  -  removed to Brassington.
17-01-1780  John WILLIS  -  wife Mary and 4 children, removed from Youlgreave to Winster.
28-12-1780  Elizabeth DONCASTER  -  single woman, removed to Aldwark Grange.
23-03-1781  James WHITWORTH  -  wife Ruth and child Sarah, removed to Akring? Notts.
19-05-1781  Elizabeth STAYLEY  -  single woman, removed to Birchover.
13-02-1787  William APPLEBY  -  wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann, removed from Tissington to Winster.
09-02-1790  Mary ALLEN  -  and daughter Ellen aged 1 year, removed to parish of St Mary in Nottingham.
25-04-1792  Lydia ORME  -  removed to Darley.
28-09-1813  Hannah SHELDON  -  removed from Bonsall to Winster.
03-08-1813  Abigail PLATTS  -  widow and daughter Mary abt 2 yrs 6 mths by her husband William Platts labourer deceased, removed from St Peter in town of Nottingham to Winster.
16-08-1813  Josiah OUNES/ANNES/AIMES? <possibly ORME>  -  removed from Dukinfield to Winster.
31-10-182?  Mary CADMAN  -  removed from Liversedge, West Riding to Winster.  <Martha crossed out and replaced with Mary>
16-04-1825 & 23-08-1825  Mary CADMAN now dead.
04-07-1808  Jeremiah ASHTON  -  wife Ann and sons John 6 and William 4, removed from Duffield to Winster.
01-08-1808  Ann ASHTON  -  wife of Jeremiah delivered to Winster from Duffield.
28-05-1829?  Betty ??..?  -  single woman, removed from Manchester to Winster.
04-07-1829  John TAYLOR  -  wife Martha and children Jane 9, Ellen 4 and Rachael 2, removed from Salford to Winster.
04-02-1829  Joseph MARSDEN  -  wife Harriet and children Susannah abt 5, Mary abt 4 and John abt 14 days old, removed from Radford in County of Nottinghamshire to Winster.
01-01-1829  Daniel WILSON  -  wife Lydia and children Stephen 9, Barbara 7, Alexander 6, Ellen 3 and Harriet 9mths, removed from Belper to Winster.
26-04-1830  Michael HARDY  -  wife Fanny and children Hannah 12, Sarah 10, Mary 8, Elizabeth 6, Anthony 3 and Edward 2 or thereabouts, removed from Bollington to Winster.
28-05-1830  Jemima (the wife of John BOWLER) and their 3 children Mary Ann 6, Hannah 4 and Anthony 2, from Chesterfield to Winster.
08-06-1831  Joseph MARSDEN  -  wife Harriet and children Susannah 7, Mary 5 and John 2, removed from Radford in County of Nottinghamshire to Winster.
28-06-1831  Joseph HORLEY  -  and wife Mary, removed from St Alkmund to Winster.
22-10-1831  Betty STONES  -  single woman, removed from Manchester to Winster.

End of Removal Orders

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