23 May 2009

Will Abstracts #2

BLACKWELL, Anthony of Eyam, 5 Mar 1727/8
Son Francis 4 pounds 5/- which is the money that the sheep was sould for, which money I would have made use of to gett him a trade.
Wife Easther & Francis sole executors & estate to be divided between them.
Signed in presence of Simon Skidmore, Joseph Bates & Peter Nold?
Probate: 10 Apr 1728 Chesterfield

BRIDDON, Robert of Elton
Bound Sarah Briddon vidua of Robert late of Elton.
Probate: 11 Apr 1728

BRITTLEBANK, William of Hathersage, 31 Aug 1727
Wife Mary
Children Thomas, James, Joseph, George, John & Mary
Son James not living or not coming to live with his wife as he should then to his daughter Elizabeth (under 15).
BiL John Proutback?
Probate: 1 Apr 1728

HOLMES, John of Youlgreave (admin only), 19 Oct 1664
No will, only inventory signed by Anthony Holmes, Godwyn Holmes, Edward Wood & Sampson Hayden.

HOUSLEY, Ann of Elton, spinster, 8 Mar 1782
All to her mother Ann Housley, widow

HOWSE, Elizabeth of Darley, 1 Mar 1663
Son Richard 1/-
Daughter Elin Barnes 1/-
Daughter Mabill Foster? 1/-
Son Richard’s child if it be born alive 4 pounds
Two younger daughters Frances & Elizabeth – estate euqlly divided
Inventory gives Elizabeth’s name as HAWIS of Little Rowsley in parish of Darley, widdow deceased, 13 Jun 1664
Probate: 7 Mar 1663/4

HOWIS, Richard of Rowsley Hall, Darleigh, 1 Mar 1663/4
Wife Elizabeth
Son Richard Howis
Younger children not named

RAYNES, Benj: de Bonsall, smith, 14 Oct 1801
Cousin Isaac Rains of Bonsall, carpenter, the house wherein I now dwell & one other house near thereto in possession of George Topham & also the Smiths Shop wherein I now work together with the garden premises & appurtenances etc.
Cousin Francis Rains & Elizabeth wife, one other house standing & being in Bonsall, also one small stable in possession of Samuel Haslm & when they died to their son Benjamin paying his brother Jacob Rains of the city of London 10 pounds.
William Eaton of Bonsall, miner, 5 pounds & to his daughter Elizabeth Eaton 10 pounds.
James Mather of Bonsall, miner, 10 pounds
Widow Adams of Wensley 5 pounds
Mary Smedley, wife of Thomas of Bonsall, 2 pounds 2/-
Joshua Elliot 1 pound 1/-
All the rest to Isaac Rains cousin & executor.
Signed by Benjamin Raynes.
Witnesses: George Evans, Adam Worthy & Alles Tomison.
Probate: 24 Mar 1802 at Lichfield.

SPENCER, Thomas of Middleton by Wirksworth, miner 27 Jan 1728/9
Thomas died 14 Feb 17288/9. Inventory dated 20 Feb 1728/9
Daughters Phoebe & Mary Spencer
Landlady Mrs Gell
Son in Law Anthony Bland 3 guineas
Brother Benjamin Gregory 10/-
Anthony Gell’s children 10/-
Six daughter’s Hannah Hall, Sarah Bland, Martha Hunt, Grace <blank>, Phoebe & Mary.
Joint Executors: brother Benjamin Gregory & Anthony Gell of Middleton, chandler
Witnesses: Sarah Banks, Sarah Gell, James Ellot.
Probate: 23 Apr 1729 Chesterfield

TWIGG, John of Winster, carpenter, 14 Oct 1800
Wife Ann, everything, also executor.
Witnesses: James Norman, Charles Sheldon & James Boam.
Probate: 21 Apr 1802 Upton Hall

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