30 May 2009

NEW-Stray Mrgs


Winster inhabitants married in other parishes.
Sorted alphabetically by Groom’s surname.
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Parish Church Date Groom Bride
Elton 29.11.1758 Anthony Abel of Winster Mary Ingman
Darley 07.06.1768 George Allen Lydia Barker of Winster
Bonsall 11.10.1722 Thomas Ashton of Winster Mary Walker
Darley 30.10.1775 Thomas Ashton of Winster Mary Rowland
Darley 28.03.1790 Adam Ashton of Winster Sarah Shaw
Elton 28.03.1770 Henry Ashton of Winster Sarah Staley
Elton 01.07.1816 Samuel Ball of Winster Martha Waterhouse
Matlock 08.07.1734 Thomas Ball of Winster Martha Roads of Winster
Darley 10.08.1732 Edmund Barker Mary Bateman
of Winster
Matlock 24.07.1770 Jonathan Barker of Winster Ann Barker
Darley 02.12.1747 Thomas Barton of Winster Ann Topliss
Elton 08.03.1736 Hugh Bateman of Winster Phebe Stone
Elton 02.12.1847 Thomas Bateman,Winster Ann Stone
Bakewell 21.03.1754 John Bell Elizabeth Morehough of Winster
Bakewell 31.10.1750 Joseph Billing of Winster Elizabeth <blank> of Winster
Bonsall 26.06.1732 David Blackwall of Winster Grace Spencer
Baslow 23.07.1694 William Blackwell of Winster Elizabeth Ingman
Elton 06.06.1756 William Blackwell of Winster Sarah Beck
Elton 21.02.1871 John Boam of Winster Elizabeth Heathcote
Elton 09.07.1884 William Boam of Winster Esther Johnson
Bonsall 18.02.1753 John Bradley of Winster Dorothy Marple
Darley 18.10.1819 Thomas Broomhead of Winster Hannah Bradshaw
Bonsall 25.12.1820 William Bunting of Winster Bethiah Burton
Bakewell 14.10.1755 Richard Buxton of Winster Elizabeth Fogg
Bonsall 20.07.1755 Henry Buxton Elizabeth Greensmith of Winster
Bonsall 22.07.1827 Anthony Buxton of Winster Hannah Bunting
Darley 13.05.1750 Robert Cadman of Winster Ann Rowse
Darley 05.08.1762 George Cadman of Winster Elizabeth Holmes
Matlock 06.01.1724 Anthony Cadman, Winster Mary Bullock of Winster
Bonsall 01.10.1855 Benjamin Charlesworth of Winster Ann Henstock
Darley 12.01.1764 Thomas Darbyshire Elizabeth Boyard of Winster
Darley 24.07.1662 Thomas Dawes Mary Halley of Winster
Bonsall 23.11.1724 John Doncaster of Winster Susanna Needham
Darley 20.04.1767 John Durdin of Winster Elizabeth Hall
Matlock 18.08.1768 William Ellis of Winster Ann Walker
Bonsall 17.05.1664 Francis Evans of Winster Rachell Cooke
Darley 22.02.1748 Ralph Evans of Winster Jane Simpson
Darley 07.04.1740 John Evins of Winster Jane Baddly of Winster
Darley 28.02.1763 Abraham Flint Lidia Frost of Winster
Elton 18.05.1854 Samuel Foxlow of Winster Elizabeth Dakin
Bakewell 12.09.1831 Samuel Furness (born Longstone) Ann Lant
(born Winster)
Darley 12.06.1706 David Gallin of Winster Elizabeth Allin
Stanton in Peak 25.12.1879 George Greatorex of Winster Ellen Elizabeth Wright
Elton 01.05.1872 Edward Greatorix of Winster Elizabeth Holmes
Bakewell 26.10.1752 Thomas Gregory of Birchover Hannah <blank> of Winster
Darley 26.08.1844 Joseph Gregory of Winster Sarah Holmes
Elton 18.01.1790 William Gregory Grace Coates of Winster
Darley 15.01.1811 Joseph Hadfield Sarah Walker of Winster
Elton 18.09.1793 Isaac Hadfield Elizabeth Marsden of Winster
Elton 11.11.1867 Isaac Hadfield Hannah Charlesworth of Winster
Darley 05.09.1730 Jonathan Hall of Winster Sarah Blackwell of Winster
Elton 04.02.1717 George Halley of Winster Sarah Birds
Darley 22.01.1713 Samuel Harrison of Winster Ann Turner of Wensley
Stanton in Peak 01.11.1875 James Hawksworth of Winster Ellen Gilbert
Bonsall 19.02.1857 Thomas Hawksworth of Winster Martha Gregory
Bonsall 04.09.1805 Thomas Haynes of Winster Mary Batty
Darley 26.03.1761 William Haynes Anne Buxton of Winster
Darley 09.04.1761 Samuel Haynes Lydia Hawley of Winster
Elton 08.01.1777 George Haynes Sarah Banks of Winster
Elton 03.12.1789 Samuel Haynes Rachel Dore of Winster
Elton 23.07.1879 John Heathcote of Winster Mary Dakin
Bakewell 09.07.1723 Joseph Higgs of Winster Lydia Thornhill
Matlock 17.04.1759 Thomas Hill of Winster Elizabeth Wallock
Beeley 10.09.1758 John Holme Sarah Ludlum of Winster
Bakewell 03.05.1753 George Howseley of Elton Mary Taylor of Winster
Elton 26.12.1843 William Howsley of Winster Elizabeth Taylor
Darley 25.10.1763 Samuel Johnson Ann Evans of Winster
Matlock 27.11.1797 James Keeling of Winster Patience Jackson
Matlock 13.09.1802 Henry Knowles Ann Taylor of Winster
Darley 13.01.1732 George Low Dinah Gibbons of Winster
Elton 30.04.1750 Thomas Low of Winster Hannah Marshall
Darley 25.08.1777 Godfrey Marsden of Winster Elizabeth Swinscoe
Bakewell 12.07.1754 Robert Micock of Winster Lydia Fogg
Elton 11.07.1781 Benjamin Milner Hannah Buxton of Winster
Bakewell 22.10.1750 George Moore of Winster Ann Wooley of Winster
Matlock 10.04.1705 Robert Moore of Winster Elizabeth Hayward
Elton 18.05.1815 Thomas Moseley Hannah Hardy of Winster
Bonsall 30.06.1773 John Needham Rachel Hayley of Winster
Stanton in Peak 29.12.1887 Joseph Newton of Winster Ann Alsop of Birchover
Ashover 23.10.1854 Thomas Newton Ann Orme of Winster
Bonsall 27.10.1859 Samuel Newton of Winster Lucy Worthy
Bonsall 13.01.1710 George Oliver of Winster Joane Eaton
Matlock 26.11.1770 Joseph Orm of Winster Margaret Boden
Darley 14.10.1657 Francis Parker of Winster Grace Shore of Snitterton
Stanton in Peak 17.10.1908 George Prince of Stanton Hillside Ann Elizabeth Greatorex of Winster
Ashover 28.02.1848 Isaac Rains of Green Field Hse (born Winster) Esther Wright of Green Field Hse (born Bonsall)
Darley 20.01.1740 William Rhodes of Winster Ann Tindale of Winster
Darley 14.09.1657 Godfrey Richardson of Toadhole Elizabeth Gonder? of Winster
Elton 02.07.1895 Jonathan Roose Lydia Bateman of Winster
Bonsall 25.07.1762 John Rowbottom of Winster Sarah Marple
Elton 31.07.1782 Edward Salt Hannah Newton of Winster
Stanton in Peak 10.02.1979 Darrell Shimwell of Winster Jennifer Johnson
Bakewell 02.10.1732 William Slater Anne Robinson of Winster
Bonsall 26.12.1763 Thomas Sleigh of Winster Grace Newton
Elton 17.04.1755 Joseph Smedley Elizabeth Yates of Winster
Darley 17.05.1845 Samuel Smith of Winster Mary Bown of Sydnope
Darley 24.12.1866 Joshua Smith of Winster Mary Ann Holmes
Bakewell 07.10.1750 William Spencer of Winster Sarah Twigg of Winster
Elton 06.11.1872 Benjamin Stadon of Winster Sarah Nadin
Elton 16.12.1767 Paul Staley Mary Wilcock of Winster
Elton 04.01.1779 Stephen Staley of Winster Mary Marshall
Darley 25.05.1863 John Staveley of North Darley; Winster Elizabeth Wain of North Darley
Matlock 08.07.1734 Thomas Staveley of Elton Mary Bateman of Winster
Darley 19.04.1661 John Stone Margaret Lowe of Winster
Elton 18.01.1847 William Stone Ellen Ashton of Winster
Matlock 23.07.1770 John Stone of Winster Mary Walker
Matlock 14.08.1855 George Stone of Winster Sarah Summers of Boat House
Darley 13.09.1854 Micah Swindell of Winster Jemina Wagstaff
Stanton in Peak 26.07.1899 Joseph Taylor of Winster Mary Prince of Stanton
Elton 02.04.1793 Thomas Taylor of Winster Hannah Dakin
Bonsall 24.03.1711 Joseph Thorpe of Chesterfield Dorothy Hayns of Winster
Darley 25.11.1755 Robert Toplis of Winster Mary Shore
Bonsall 04.03.1754 John Twigg of Winster Hannah Stone of Winster
Darley 27.08.1663 Richard Vickers Elizabeth Stone of Winster
Bonsall 20.10.1840 Joseph Walker Elizabeth Smith of Winster
Bonsall 27.03.1794 John Walton of Winster Sarah Brace
Elton 15.02.1822 Charles Walwin Rebecca North of Winster
Darley 23.09.1661 Thomas Ward of Wensley Ann Eaire of Winster
Elton 12.06.1848 Henry Watts Hannah Allen of Winster
Darley 29.10.1764 John Wayne Mary Marshal of Winster
Darley 19.01.1820 James Westerby of Winster Ellen Stone of Wensley
Ashover 20.05.1656 Leonard Wheatcroft Elizabeth Hawley of Winster
Bonsall 13.03.1847 Thomas Wheeldon of Winster Matilda Wood
Darley 10.07.1698 John Wheldon of Winster Mabell Walwin of Elton
Bakewell 10.07.1783 Thomas White of Priestcliff Ellen Twigg of Winster
Darley 23.05.1826 Uriah White of Winster Hannah Orme of Winster
Elton 17.09.1749 John White of Winster Elizabeth Bridge
Darley 07.06.1719 Richard Wilcock of Winster Elizabeth Johnson of Winster
Bakewell 22.04.1753 William Williams of Winster Ann Breston of Stanton
Darley 16.08.1720 Robert Williams of Winster Prudence Stone of Wensley
Elton 07.03.1867 Richard Witham of Winster Janes Raines of Griff Grange
Darley 06.04.1708 George Wood of Breechgate Sarah Hawley of Winster
Bonsall 26.05.1765 Samuel Woodiwiss Elizabeth Willcock of Winster
Darley 14.01.1840 Charles Carill Worsley of Winster Mary Jane Darwin of Sydnope
Darley 27.05.1827 John Wright Ellen Broomhead of Winster

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