01 June 2009

NEW - Details


As time permits I will add the Presumptive Family Trees of some of the people who have been living in Winster for many generations and who are still living there today.
For those who are not familiar with the format of these trees I have colour coded the people who show up as having issue in this particular tree. (Some trees because of their size have not been colour coded).
When you see a + at the start of a line that means there are further details on that person further on in the tree, look for the same coloured number (& name).
I have left in my own notes (italics) to myself so they may or may not make sense to you. 
Depending on the size some trees may not contain all census details, census details may be found in the main Winster Family Tree on WorldConnect.
If you have a request for your Winster born family line please leave me a Comment.
If you have any additions to any Winster family line please leave a Comment or contact me at:-

Presumptive = that may be assumed to be such or valid or true until the contrary is proved.

All research on these families is entirely my own from the resources available to me including a complete transcription (by me) of the Winster parish records including the Bishop's Transcripts and the Parish Chest.

Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation on these pages. While every care and attention has been made I cannot claim it to be 100% correct. Never take anything for granted in genealogy until YOU have checked your sources. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.

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