10 October 2010

Replies to Blog Queries


14.09.09 Karen - if you need any more information on the NEWTONS please let me know.

14.09.09 Stef - your grandfather had names from three of the well known families in Winster. If you ever decide to research your line please contact me, I’d love to help.

11.10.09 Jane - WINT is a name not so prevalent in the area in earlier centuries but the name does ring a bell, so I must have come across them at some stage in my research. I might be able to help if you need more information.

27.11.09 Chris Emsley- I believe Kay has contacted you about Arthur, if you need any further information on his ancestors please contact me.

26.03.10 John Roberts - if you contact me I might be able to help with information on the two names you mentioned.

02.05.10 Jenny - please contact me about George BRASSINGTON, I’d need to know his birth date (approx) to find out which George he might be.

31.07.10 John Healey - you were unable to find it because there isn’t one! I originally transcribed those indices from films and I never did find an index for A to L in that time period.

31.08.10 Marie - I have TWO Ephshobey GREGORYs in my Winster database, one born 1804 in Darley Dale and the other in 1831 in Winster. I don’t have a marriage for either of them but might be able to find one now that I know she married a BOND, is that correct?

29.09.10 Chris Hills - I don’t seem to have an A ASHTON in my database who would fit those years, Abraham, Adam & Anthony all died long before 1840 & they also lived & died in Winster. That’s presuming the A was a male and not a female. Afraid I can’t help at all with the pub/shop in Oakerside, you might have luck having a look at the various census (1841-1901) for that area, sometimes entries were listed as a pub or shop.

06.10.10 Damian - I’ve looked at the Bonsall PRs that I have and there is a John, son of Job & Alice, baptised on 14 Nov 1790.  You can find Job & Alice here in my database, I don’t currently have John listed as his son (he will be in the next update). Contact me for further details.

I will send a link to this page to the people I have email addresses for, if the rest of you could leave me a contact address I’ll be in touch (or scroll down the page and click on ‘view my complete profile’ under ‘About Me’ where you will find my email address). I’m sorry that my replies have been so long in coming in some cases, I’ve been having eye problems for the last two years which has kept me from using the computer regularly. I hope to be more on the ball in the future. Cheers….Dawn

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